Hal Bent

A life-long fan of all Boston sports, Hal--like the Patriots--is from Southeastern MA. Sticking with the Pats through the lows of the late seventies/early eighties; the short, brief flicker of hope of 1985/6; the horrid fall-out and rock-bottom of the late 80s & early 90s before the coming of Drew & the Tuna to turn things around for the franchise and led to the Belichick Era of Prosperity (completely blocking out Pete Carroll and Bobby Grier, there). Inspired by the great online sportswriters in the early 2000s, Hal started his own blog on all things Boston sports which he keeps to this day. He is a huge fan of MusketFire and hopes his critical thinking, statistical bent, unique voice, unbiased insights, and sense of humor can add to the site. Hal is happily married with two children.
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