Tom Brady makes hilarious appearance on "ManningCast" audition promo

The former New England Patriots' QB is obviously keeping very busy during the early parts of his retirement
AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Denver Broncos / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The "ManningCast" which features Peyton and Eli Manning broadcasting over NFL games, is back for a new season, and Tom Brady made an appearance in a recent promotion for the show. The ManningCast has taken the NFL by storm over the last couple of years. The Manning brothers have really created something entertaining, and it's back for a third season.

The ManningCast is basically an alternative broadcast of Monday Night Football on ESPN. And both the Manning's are not only very entertaining working with each other, but their football knowledge is also another reason why it's must-see TV. Well, as a teaser for their new season, Omaha Productions, which is Peyton Manning's entertainment company, released a teaser video as a promo for the new season.

It's absolutely hilarious, and the video can be seen here from their YouTube channel. The promo features current and former NFL players and other celebrities including Jared Goff, Kirk Cousins, Christian McCaffrey, Sean Payton, Mike Tyson, Livvy Dunne, among many others.

The very end of the video is where it gets funny. Eli and Peyton wrap up their auditions and basically say "oh well, we tried our best!" before Peyton crosses another name off the list, but that name clearly wasn't someone who auditioned for the show. Well, the scene changes to the waiting room, where a dog and Tom Brady are sitting and patiently waiting to be called back to audition.

Brady then is seen talking on the phone saying how he didn't get the ManningCast job, and gives us a fun teaser when he says "I guess I'll just come back and play football again."

The video was very well done and really sets the mood for the 2023 NFL season. The Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs kick off the 2023 NFL season on Thursday night. The Chiefs might be without both Chris Jones and Travis Kelce in Week 1, their two best players not named Patrick Mahomes.