Mac Jones reveals how Tom Brady has helped him prepare for the 2023 season

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New England Patriots
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New England Patriots / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Whenever the time finally came that Tom Brady would retire, or in reality, decide to leave the Patriots, it wouldn't be easy for any player to be the next one to step in his shoes. That was the case for Cam Newton, the first quarterback to become the New England starter after Brady's departure, and since that lone season with the former Panther under center, Mac Jones has felt the wrath of the Boston media and fans.

It's an unrealistic standard to uphold, considering the long list of unimaginable successes and accolades Brady accrued throughout his 20+ year career. But perhaps learning from the best of all time is the way to counteract those expectations; at least, that's what Jones has been doing. Considering the long list of unimaginable successes and accolades Brady accrued throughout his 20+ year career, it's an unrealistic standard to uphold

In his most recent appearance on WEEI's "Jones & Mego with Arcand," the third-year quarterback was asked about Brady's impact in New England ahead of his ceremony in Foxboro this weekend. That's when Jones revealed some unknown details regarding his friendship with the former quarterback.

"He’s definitely a legend. I have all the respect for him; he’s a great guy. He’s actually helped me a lot already just talking to him... He’s been a great mentor and stuff. He’s a great player. Love watching his film. He pops up on game tape, obviously, from last year and everything, too. He’s always on the film doing the right thing, so just trying to learn from him. He’s been awesome."

Besides the likely typical fluff of his answer, the statement about Brady being a mentor to him caught on like wildfire online.

There were questions about the pair after a picture that Devin McCourty posted online of the three of them went viral, creating speculation about where they were and what conversations they may have had.

From what has been reported, it was likely the first real meeting of the quarterbacks since the Patriots and Bucs matched up in 2021, and it appears Brady and Jones may have struck up a friendship from that gathering at Robert Kraft's house earlier this year.

The mention of Brady's mentorship also spiked the radio hosts' interest, and they asked for more details in a follow-up question after Jones' revealed that detail.

"Yeah, I think, whether it was Hoyer that was here, whoever, you meet a lot of people that have known him and everything, the stories... so that always helps. Just being able to learn from that. He’s always on the film like I said, so just watching the footwork, the timing, his operation of everything. So he’s definitely the greatest to do it, and that’s why you want to watch him and learn.”"

As the seven-time Super Bowl Champion steps into a new phase of his career, it's interesting to hear that he's made himself available to a guy like Jones, especially with the pressure the Patriots quarterback is under coming into this season.

Despite not providing further details about how exactly Brady helped him, the fact that Jones has had insightful conversations with him and has been studying him on tape is noteworthy and could be another aspect that could help push Jones to lead the Patriots' offense back on track.