The New England Patriots have an insane test in week one of the 2023 NFL season

The New England Patriots play the Philadelphia Eagles week one of the 2023 NFL season. This is already a huge test for the team.
New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles
New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

The New England Patriots have one of the toughest schedules in the NFL for the 2023 season, and that's already on display in week one when they face the Philadelphia Eagles. Playing the defending NFC Champions and the most talented team in the NFL in week one is certainly a test for the New England Patriots, who limped to an 8-9 record last year.

To say this is a huge test for the team would be a massive understatement, but much has been made about the 2023 season for the New England Patriots. Significant changes on offense should hopefully lead to a more efficient unit, and the defense appears to be more stout on paper. Honestly, there is an argument that the Patriots can get back to their 2021 version, where they were efficient on both sides of the ball and finished with a 10-7 record.

On a side note, in weeks two, three, and four, they also play the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, and Dallas Cowboys, so their first quarter of the season is a brutal slate of tough opponents. Their week one game, though, is insanely hard. On both sides of the ball, New England is going to have to deal with a ton.

Offensively, New England is going to have to block guys like Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, Jalen Carter, Haason Reddick, Josh Sweat, and Nolan Smith. The Eagles' DL is simply brutal, putting a huge responsibility on the OL to play well. They'll also have to deal with two elite cornerbacks in Darius Slay and James Bradberry, and being that the Patriots don't exactly have the best receivers in the world, they could struggle to get open.

On defense, the New England Patriots might even have a harder time. It's already enough to deal with Jalen Hurts, who might be the best dual-threat QB in the NFL, but the Eagles' OL is a brick wall and might pose an issue for guys like Matthew Judon and Josh Uche getting to the QB. Their skill players are also a handful. DeVonta Smith and AJ Brown might be the best duo in the NFL, and TE Dallas Goedert is top seven at his position.

No matter what side of the ball you look on, the Philadelphia Eagles have elite talent. I think in this week one game, the New England Patriots should simply hope to not get blown out. If they can keep up with the Eagles for most of the game, I'd have confidence that they could be a competent team in 2023.