3 reasons why the best is yet to come from Patriots quarterback Mac Jones in 2023

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When the New England Patriots drafted Mac Jones 15th overall in the 2021 draft, most fans and reporters believed it was the right selection. Although he basically fell into their lap, the Patriots were in need of a quarterback after the Cam Newton experiment failed, and Jones' skillset fit the prototypical New England quarterback perfectly.

Coming from the University of Alabama, Jones was coached by Bill Belichick's friend Nick Saban, who coaches very similarly to the long-time Patriots' coach. That familiarity, combined with Josh McDaniels and his play style, made it appear that the team found their quarterback of the future. And his rookie performance all but sealed that assumption in most onlookers' eyes.

But it all came crashing down the following season. McDaniels left to become the new Las Vegas Raiders head coach, and Matt Patricia was positioned to replace him as the offensive coordinator.

Without diving too much into the 2022 season, it was clear the relationship between Jones and Patricia was doomed from the start. Other than allegedly clashing throughout the offseason, the inexperienced offensive coach also had issues with other members of the offense, becoming one of the leading reasons for their struggles.

Jones' performance between his rookie and sophomore seasons looked like night and day, resulting in many questioning his fitness as the Patriots' quarterback long-term.

Besides fickle fans wanting to move on already, it seemed Belichick was also interested in the idea. It was rumored that he explored trade talks for Jones during the offseason, stemming from his poor performance last year and the possible rift between the head coach and quarterback.

But now that it all appears to be settled, with the pair reportedly settling their issues this summer, Jones is the clear QB1 and has been thriving under the guidance of returning offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien.

Other than it's difficult to believe that this upcoming season will look at all similar to last year, with the additions of better coaching and some great players, it's looking more and more like Jones will have his best pro season yet.