The New England Patriots are considered favorites to land two superstar free agents

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings
Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

As it is during any other offseason at this point in the summer, speculation has run rampant regarding the Patriots' interest in signing some of the top remaining free agents available to bolster their team for the 2023 season.

Their interest in receiver DeAndre Hopkins was put to rest when he finally formally visited Foxboro and is reportedly still in contact with the team as he contemplates signing there.

That in and of itself was exciting enough for Patriots fans, but things may have just gotten a bit more thrilling for those who want to see Bill Belichick spend the big bucks and sign some of the league's top talent.

Other than still being the betting favorite to land Hopkins for the upcoming season, New England is now the favorite, alongside the Dolphins, to sign running back Dalvin Cook, at least according to the Vegas odds.

It's certainly interesting to see the Patriots become the leaders to sign a guy like Cook when they currently roster Rhamondre Stevenson as their starter in the backfield. Behind him are Kevin Harris, Pierre Strong Jr., and hybrid player Ty Montgomery, making it seem less likely that Belichick would be interested in paying for a star running back.

It's possible the odds began to swing in their favor after Cook revealed to Adam Schefter that he would be very much interested in playing for the same team as Hopkins. Since the Patriots have been proclaimed the frontrunners to sign him closer to training camp, it makes sense that bettors like the idea of Cook signing there, too, especially now that recent contract extensions have created even more cap space for New England.

But the issue is whether the Patriots have had any contact with Cook since he became a free agent or even since he revealed he would like to team up with Hopkins.

As of now, there have been no reports indicating the team has had any conversation with the running back, but it doesn't mean there haven't been any or won't be any in the future.

As for Hopkins, it has been reported that Belichick and Co. offered a contract to him during his visit a few weeks ago. He is reportedly considering the contract but is also said to be hoping other teams around the league (preferably ones with better chances of making the Super Bowl) will also extend an offer to him.

Regardless of what happens, Patriots fans will likely have to wait a few more weeks, at least, to hear any news. Like Hopkins, Cook will probably wait until closer to training camp to sign with a new team.