Latest updates regarding DeAndre Hopkins' ongoing visit with the Patriots are GREAT

Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings
Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings / David Berding/GettyImages

The Patriots and DeAndre Hopkins reportedly began their meeting on Wednesday evening, which was said to have gone so well that it has increased optimism of New England getting a deal done.

As of early Thursday afternoon, NFL insider Ian Rapoport revealed the meeting was ongoing, which was certainly a positive development. Still, he isn't optimistic that a deal will be done before training camp.

However, because of Hopkins' familiarity with Bill O'Brien's offense and to avoid any further stress of not knowing where he'd be playing for the upcoming season, Rapoport does indicate it's possible he signs much sooner than anticipated.

Prior to Rapoport's appearance, PacMan Jones shared his take on the situation, citing his friendship with Hopkins as the basis of his opinion, and shared he believes the receiver won't leave New England without a deal.

Then, in a more recent update from Mark Daniels of, he reiterates what Rapoport reported earlier in the day, sharing the "the visit between the two parties has been positive on both sides."

That's when more sources joined the conversation, this time coming from former Patriots' great Rob Ninkovich on the "Dan and Ninko Show."

Although fairly vague, they reveal the Patriots are putting Hopkins through a full workout during his visit. This could be a great indication of how the visit is going, considering most workouts happen before a signing occurs.

And to make it even more complex, Hopkins posted a photo of himself and Matthew Judon to his Instagram stories, creating absolute chaos online for Patriots fans who are holding out hope the receiver signs with the team before leaving the facility today.

It may be making too much out of nothing, but posting a photo with a member of the roster who has actively attempted to recruit you to the team kind of feels major, don't you think?

Regardless of what it all means, hopefully, we won't have to wait long to hear news one way or the other. Obviously, it would be preferable to hear that Hopkins is signing with the Patriots sooner than later. But if it inevitably happens, perhaps we can wait a bit.

At least it's appearing to go well in the meantime!