Proposed draft day trade package would be impossible for Patriots to pass on

2018 NFL Draft
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The consensus among Patriots fans has been that the team needs to draft a quarterback with the third overall pick and avoid a trade-down scenario no matter how much a team would be willing to include in their haul.

Because having a franchise quarterback is typically what defines a team's fate for success, it makes sense why the Patriots should take advantage of their high position in the draft order and select one of the top prospects at the position this year.

However, some of the proposed trades with teams like the Raiders or Vikings have become more enticing as the weeks go on, particularly with Minnesota, for one specific reason.

This potential trade idea could be deemed worth it by the Patriots

Patriots insider Mike Reiss shared all that he believes would need to be included in a trade package from the Vikings to move up from pick No. 11 to No. 3. The Vikings hope to take their next quarterback after Kirk Cousins's departure in free agency.

The NFC North team has reportedly been intrigued by two of the top quarterbacks of this year's class, Drake Maye and J.J. McCarthy, and appear to be adding more draft capital with the presumed hope of trading with the Commanders or Patriots so they can select one of them.

With the Patriots considered the most likely team to trade out of their coveted position, fans are eagerly awaiting any hints about their potential moves, prompting one to ask Reiss for his insight.

In response to that fan's query, Reiss shared his opinion on what it might take for Jerod Mayo and de facto general manager Eliot Wolf to consider a trade.

Despite fans' overwhelming hesitancy about a trade, Reiss' idea could be too good to pass up.

The idea of Justin Jefferson being included in the deal has been floated over the last month, with some believing it would never become a reality due to the receiver's incredible value on his own.

While it's true that the cost of moving up from the 11th pick to the 3rd would be significant, the potential benefits could outweigh the expense. The Vikings, who have reportedly struggled to agree on an extension with Jefferson, could capitalize on his current high value and secure what they need in return. This would prevent the risk of losing him for nothing in return to free agency next year.

Of course, it will only be of consideration based on whether they can negotiate an extension because no team in their right mind would ever want to move on from a player of Jefferson's caliber willingly.

However, the Vikings did strike gold when they selected wide receiver Jordan Addison in the 2023 Draft, who held his own during Jefferson's absence last season and recorded over 1,000 receiving yards.

If the Vikings are confident with Addison and face a stalemate in negotiations with Jefferson, including him in the trade could be a smart move. This would allow them to offer less draft capital while still securing a higher draft position to acquire the quarterback they want for the future of their franchise.

It seems like a win-win situation for both the Vikings and the Patriots, right? The Patriots get the game-changing receiver they have desperately needed for far too long, acquire two first-round picks in this year's draft (plus whatever else the Vikings include), and still have a shot at drafting a quarterback.

Maybe it's wishful thinking from New England fans, but nobody said trading up into the top three of the draft would be cheap, especially when trading with another team with a similar need at quarterback.

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