New rumor suggests Patriots should go all-in with trade for Justin Jefferson

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings
Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

Among the countless hypothesized trades involving the Patriots and their third overall pick has been the highly desirable speculation of a trade with the Vikings involving Justin Jefferson. The idea was initially mentioned by Colin Cowherd, stating it made sense for both teams to get a deal done, and it has picked up in NFL circles since then.

Whispers about Minnesota's willingness to ship off their top wideout have been debated, with most citing their primary reason to do so because of their need for a new quarterback and likely inability to pay Jefferson a contract he deserves.

Additionally, they seem to have struck gold when they drafted Jordan Addison last year, as he went on to have the best season of all rookie wideouts, even in Jefferson's absence. If he can maintain that type of production, it's possible the Vikings would be more inclined to trade away the veteran now.

However, others feel it would be foolish to move on from arguably the best receiver in the entire league, feeling they could still trade up in the draft for a quarterback if they wanted to without including Jefferson in the package.

Although that's possible, a team like the Patriots would almost certainly want him in return for their coveted draft pick, especially since they need a game-changing wide receiver now more than ever.

The Patriots have no excuse but to seriously inquire about trading for Justin Jefferson

Since this idea began dominating mock drafts surrounding the Patriots and Vikings, the conversation has gotten back to Minnesota, who continued their reluctance to trade Jefferson for any reason. But that has changed recently, at least according to Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press.

Apparently, things may have changed as the draft nears, and the Vikings could be changing their minds about Jefferson after all. Walters claims that because of all the speculation, "steam continues that the Vikings could make Justin Jefferson available for trade."

With the NFL Combine taking place this week and both teams being present, it may be a golden opportunity for the Patriots to inquire about the possibility of getting a trade done.

Even if they go in another direction, kicking the tires to see if Minnesota really could be willing to part ways with Jefferson should be near the top of the list of important conversations during the week.

Landing a receiver of his caliber via trade would be quite the ushering in of the new Mayo era in New England, especially since they have the cap space to pay him this season and for years to come. It would absolve them from prioritizing the position early in the draft while also (presumably) allowing them to keep their first round and still target players that will make the team better.

How could either team say no?

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