Patriots' top 5 game-changing moves during the 2024 offseason

NFL Offseason Recap: High-Profile Moves and New England Patriots' Strategy Without Belichick
New England Patriots Press Conference
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Re-signing the veterans

What do Kyle Dugger, Mike Onwenu, Kendrick Bourne, and Hunter Henry all have in common? They willingly chose to stay in New England to help forge the new iteration of the New England Patriots, as we'll begin to know it. The Patriots' roster suffers from a significant talent deficit, lacking depth, speed, and emerging young stars.

However, what they do possess is a core group of experienced veterans poised to offer valuable support and guidance to the younger players.

Re-signing the likes of Dugger, Onwenu, Bourne, and Henry is integral to enduring a rebuild. Many fanbases would like to see only young talent out there on the field so they can get reps and improve. Just ask the NBA's Detroit Pistons how that works out. Valuable veterans are necessary for any rebuilding team as they provide structure and competition to the up-and-comers.

Ensuring these veterans remain with the team not only aids in developing young talent but also ensures the team has quality starters across the board. Each of these individuals is a starter, and letting them walk away in free agency for nothing would have been horrifically ill-advised.

These were great signings that will greatly benefit the team immediately and moving forward.

Selecting QB Drake Maye third overall in the NFL draft

We finally get to the new franchise quarterback here. I'm not going to beat the same similar points into the ground. I will leave this portion short and sweet.

The Patriots drafting Drake Maye third overall is one of the five best moves of the offseason because it's awesome to have that excitement about a quarterback again, and that is exactly what Maye has already brought to the New England fanbase.

This kid is exciting, electric, and talented. Being excited about the Patriots is something that I haven't been in quite some time. For that reason alone, Maye gets the nod here easily as one of the best offseason moves.

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