Patriots should not reunite with quarterback favorited to return this offseason

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Who will be the guy under center for the Patriots next season will inevitably be the highlight of conversation this offseason. From the players who will be available in free agency to the list of players they could draft in the first round, all focus will be on the quarterback position for the next several weeks.

Because of that, New England continues to be connected to several names either due to their availability or their potential fit with the new offense. Rumors have swirled about the possibility of guys like Kirk Cousins, Baker Mayfield, or Ryan Tannehill signing with the Patriots, but recent reports suggest they may not be on their radar.

So what about some of the other names? We've heard about Jacoby Brissett's connection to new offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt. But now another name has entered the chat, despite his recent suspension and forgettable stint with the Raiders.

We're now hearing about a reunion between the Patriots and Jimmy Garoppolo.

Vic Tafur of The Athletic listed them as the most likely landing spot of the nine he chose for the former Patriot, citing their decision to pass on a quarterback in the draft as the primary reason.

"Let’s say the Patriots decide not to take a quarterback with the No. 3 pick and instead trade down for a pile of draft picks. New coach Jerod Mayo cannot throw Mac Jones or Bailey Zappe back out there, and he was teammates with Garoppolo and knows he would be a cheap and snug fit back with the team that made him a second-round pick in 2014. And he could also keep the seat warm if the Patriots decided to take a quarterback later in the draft and want the rookie to sit and learn for a bit."

His argument is fair, and the idea of a veteran quarterback essentially being a bridge for a rookie has been discussed extensively. But is Garoppolo the right guy for that job at this stage in his career?

Would Jimmy Garoppolo be a good quarterback for the Patriots to pursue this offseason?

Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston spoke about the idea, sharing why he thinks it makes the most sense for both sides. He primarily focused on the familiarity for the team and Garoppolo, on top of how inexpensive he would be to sign as the biggest reasons to make a deal.

But there's a lot more to this decision than just the convenience.

Given that he will be suspended for the first two games and hasn't played an entire season since 2019, which is also the only year he played every single game, it seems like there may be other players that would yield better results.

As Curran said, Garoppolo is accurate, and he can be a great player with the right coaching and team around him. We saw that during his time with the 49ers, as he took them to multiple NFC Championships and Super Bowls.

However, his availability and apparent inability to thrive under pressure may be too risky for the Patriots to take on if they're trying to win in the immediate future.

Although a Jimmy G return shouldn't be completely ruled out since he could be their only option if they forgo selecting their next franchise quarterback in the draft, it doesn't seem like the best idea as the team enters a new era.

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