Suggested bold move could be the golden ticket for the Patriots in 2024

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Because the Patriots have so many options with the third overall pick in the upcoming draft, the hypothesized scenarios of what they may do with their selection continue to heat up.

Speculation suggests they are likely to take their next franchise quarterback, as Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe don't appear to be the ones for the job, while others claim Jerod Mayo and his new staff are looking to trade their coveted pick to obtain more draft capital to boost the team.

There's a lot of debate regarding which would be the best path for a team in a rebuild, especially since the quarterback position is considered the most important on the entire team. But some draft experts feel it wouldn't be a good move for the Patriots to take the third best of the class, suggesting they take a guaranteed star in Marvin Harrison Jr. instead.

And if that is what they ultimately decided, that would mean they would sign a veteran quarterback in free agency. That's something ESPN's Aaron Schatz argues is how New England should approach his offseason, and he even shares which bridge QB would be the best one to sign.

Jacoby Brissett.

Not only does he have a history with the Patriots, but new offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt was the playcaller for Cleveland in 2022 when Brissett was the quarterback. So Schatz believes it would be a win/win for both parties.

"Brissett has made a career of surprisingly reasonable performances, with his best year coming with the 2022 Browns. And who was offensive coordinator of those Browns? None other than new Patriots coordinator Alex Van Pelt! With Brissett throwing to Harrison, the Patriots can then use a lower-round pick on a passer to develop behind Brissett. Michael Penix Jr. (Washington) might be an option in the second round, or Spencer Rattler (South Carolina) in the third or fourth round."

Would making a bold move like this be best for the Patriots this offseason?

Although this is a potential route the Patriots take in the draft, it isn't exactly popular amongst the fans or the local media. Most feel they need to take a quarterback no matter what because they haven't had a pick that high in the first round since taking Drew Bledsoe over 30 years ago, and if winning is the priority, you never hope to get a pick that high again.

If that's the case, the Patriots would be essentially forced to take whoever the Bears and Commanders don't, which is looking to be either Jayden Daniels or Drake Maye. Both could potentially be starters in the league, no doubt. But what if neither are who the Patriots feel is the guy?

That would be why they'd choose to sign a veteran instead, like some of those who are connected to Van Pelt in Joe Flacco or Baker Mayfield. Or perhaps they go all in for Kirk Cousins and, in any of these scenarios, take a quarterback in a later round to learn from the veteran.

But forgoing a rookie in favor of a free agent could have severe consequences.

If the quarterback they could have drafted ends up being a long-term starter in the league, that could hang over presumed general manager Eliot Wolf and Mayo's heads as long as they're employed by the Patriots, which is not something any person in a new position would want.

No matter what, it will be a risk, and they have to be comfortable with their decision. If taking a rookie quarterback is considered the best choice, they should do it. If going with a veteran bridge instead seems like the right decision, so be it.

Fortunately, we won't have to continue speculating too much longer.

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