4 reasons the Patriots might pass on drafting a quarterback with No. 3 pick

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Since it became official that the Patriots would have the third overall pick in the upcoming draft, and the significant issues they have continued to deal with surrounding the quarterback position, it was immediately assumed they would select one of the top quarterbacks of the class.

While that may still be what Jerod Mayo determines to be the way to go, there's also the chance that other factors will play a part in pushing him into another direction instead.

4 reasons the Patriots might pass on drafting a QB with No. 3 pick

1. They're giving Mac Jones another chance

Although you may not love it, Jerod Mayo and new offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt could decide Mac Jones deserves another shot, or the quarterback shows incredible improvement enough to earn the chance to be the Patriots quarterback again next season.

If Bill Belichick hadn't left, this wouldn't be in the realm of possibilities. But a lot has changed since the former head coach announced his departure, which may ultimately work in Jones's favor.

Because Van Pelt is an ex-quarterback and has worked extensively with players in the position throughout his career, he may feel confident in getting Jones back to his rookie form with his coaching. If he feels satisfied with that and Jones can perform accordingly, don't be surprised if he's the guy under center in 2024.

2. They don't love the players available by the time they're on the clock

With two quarterback-needy teams on the board ahead of them, the Patriots may not love who falls to them with the third pick. The assumption to this point has been that Drake Maye and Caleb Williams will be the first two quarterbacks off the board, leaving New England with the choice of Jayden Daniels, at least for now.

There has been some chatter of Michigan's J.J. McCarthy rising in the ranks between now and the draft, with even his former coach Jim Harbaugh exclaiming he could go in the top-5. That would give Mayo another candidate to consider if McCarthy does move up in the ranks. But if he doesn't love either choice, we'll likely see the Patriots move down via trade with a team that does.

It's a scenario that has been discussed over the past week, with whispers suggesting the Patriots are considering trading with teams like the Raiders or the Vikings. If that's the way Mayo chooses, the ideal situation would be to pull off the hypothetical trade that has picked up steam recently, trading the No. 3 pick to Minnesota for the 11th overall pick and Justin Jefferson.

That's a trade any Patriots fan could get behind, right?

3. Going with a veteran bridge quarterback is the solution for now

Because a lot of improvement is needed all over the offense, the Patriots may choose to go with a veteran quarterback as the best answer for the time being. Whether that's an in-house veteran, like Jones or Zappe, or they sign one of the top free agents like Kirk Cousins or Baker Mayfield.

This would allow them to try and compete as soon as possible, rather than continuing the rebuild and knowing a younger team likely won't deliver their best in the first year.

The biggest issue with this would be the price tag that inevitably comes with signing a veteran quarterback, especially ones who many other teams in the league will eye. The Patriots have the money to spend if they want to, but it may not be the smartest choice because of all the other needs they have to deal with on the roster.

But it's hard to say what de facto general manager Eliot Wolf will consider is worth doing.

4. Prioritizing improving the rest of the offense this year and holding off on QB until 2025

This continues to be a scenario that many have been getting on board with because of the dire need to upgrade at offensive line and wide receiver.

With the best tackles on the team over the last few years, Trent Brown and Mike Onwenu, heading to free agency, taking a lineman high in the draft wouldn't be such a bad idea. The Patriots will have their chance to take the best in the class, left tackle Joe Alt, or one of the other highly touted players of the class in the first round. Because the class is reportedly deep, though, they could wait until the second, too.

But they also have the chance to take the best wide receiver of the entire draft, who is considered a generational talent, before even stepping onto an NFL field. Marvin Harrison Jr. could be available for Mayo with the third pick. Since top wide receivers have alluded the Patriots for too long, taking the Ohio State receiver may be considered too good to pass up.

Focusing on improving the offense this year would allow them to fix the holes they need and wait to take a quarterback until next year.

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