Patriots new OC provides bad news regarding team's plan at quarterback

New England Patriots v New York Giants
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Many changes have already been implemented in New England this offseason, most notably hiring an entirely new coaching staff to join Jerod Mayo next season. It was a significant change in mindset regarding who will be on the sidelines, as the new head coach is bringing on a far bigger staff than we have ever seen during the Bill Belichick era.

Some of those new coaches spoke at a press conference on Wednesday, introducing themselves to the Patriots fans and media and answering questions regarding their intentions and mindset coming into the team this offseason.

One of the most anticipated pressers was with new offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt, as the offense has been a primary focus this offseason, mainly due to the amount of upgrading the unit needs and their high draft pick. The former quarterback had already shared his mentality as a coach in a video shared on the Patriots' social media last week, but he was able to explain a bit more through questioning on Wednesday afternoon.

With so much emphasis on the quarterback position and who will be under center next season, Van Pelt was immediately asked about the qualities he looks for in the position and if he could envision Mac Jones being the starter in 2024.

Because it is a scenario that hasn't been taken off the table since the Patriots may choose to forgo drafting a quarterback in the first round and go with a veteran instead, Van Pelt continued that sentiment by saying, "Everything is on the table" as they go through the evaluating process right now.

Although it has been a possibility all offseason that Jones, Bailey Zappe, or a veteran signed in free agency could take over the offense, hearing that Jones could be handed the keys again next season was not the news that Patriots fans wanted to hear.

Most have already moved on from the quarterback in hopes he would remain a backup or be traded, so the idea of him potentially being the QB1 this fall is not being received well.

However, is it really that bad of an idea?

Giving Mac Jones another chance seems like a bad idea, or does it?

Jones has certainly had a problematic time in New England since he was drafted three years ago. He had a standout rookie season that ended in the playoffs and appeared to be severely impacted by the absolute mess of the 2022 season.

Not much improved last year, either, and it would almost be fair to say things were actually worse. And unfortunately, Jones couldn't overcome the obstacles in front of him, whether on the field or in his own mind.

Of course, that led to uncharacteristically bad performances, which was why the Patriots lost games last year, forcing Belichick to eventually bench him. And if the legendary coach were still around, we probably would see Jones wind up elsewhere for the 2024 season.

But now that the new offensive coordinator is a former quarterback himself and has built a career around coaching the position, perhaps Jones is in the best hands and could ultimately benefit from that and turn his fate around.

It makes sense why some fans are not interested in waiting it out to see if that can become a reality, especially with a new quarterback within the team's grasp in the draft. But maybe it will be worth it in the end.

As some have suggested, it wouldn't be a bad idea to improve and build the rest of the offense this season and decide about a quarterback next year. You may hate it now, but it could be a good move for the long term.

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