Alex Van Pelt's football philosophy will make Patriots fans run through a wall

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry (80) fist bumps offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt as
Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry (80) fist bumps offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt as / Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK

To some, change is good, while to others, change is difficult to accept and navigate. That's the situation the Patriots are in this offseason, from parting ways with Bill Belichick after 24 years and bringing in a brand new staff around Jerod Mayo to putting together a (hopefully) more successful roster to get the team back on track to winning.

For the most part, the team's offseason moves have been applauded. Mayo has seemingly hired the right guys for the job and has said everything fans have wanted to hear for a long time regarding spending in free agency and how to go through the draft.

There has been some concern over a few of those he's decided to hire, like Ben McAdoo and even new offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt, mainly due to their more recent résumés But just like how Mayo has been so far, many of the new staff are saying and doing all the right things to win the fans over, with Van Pelt being the latest.

The Patriots' social media team posted a short clip of the OC discussing what he feels is the most important part about being a coordinator in the NFL. Besides repeating much of what has been considered the "Patriot Way," his mindset and emphasis on developing good relationships with the players will surely make fans want to run through a wall, hyping them up for the 2024 season, and yet it's only February.

"As long as this group will always understand that we play for each other first and foremost, the most important guy on the field is to your left and to your right, if we can get that going, we're gonna do some good things."

Of course, anyone can say great things and make fans feel optimistic about the upcoming season. But the actual test will be how Van Pelt performs in his new role.

However, considering the uncharted waters the Patriots are in right now, after having a head coach for nearly a quarter century and a quarterback for almost that same time, Van Pelt's mentality eases some concerns about how the team will fare next season.

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