Patriots legend isn't sold on latest Tom Brady return rumor

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Since announcing his second and allegedly official retirement, Tom Brady has become a fixture online. He has really taken a liking to utilizing his multiple social media platforms to tease returns and open up about his career, something he didn't do much during his tenure with the Patriots.

The former quarterback has continued to make headlines this offseason, posting videos of him trying to beat his 40-yard dash time from 24 years ago. He continues to prove he's still in shape and ready to go if a team were to call for his services, which has ironically made fans who grew up hating him hope their team inquires.

Brady further teased his return during a recent interview on The Cut podcast when host Vic Blends asked if he would ever consider coming out of retirement if a team amidst a playoff run made the call.

Blends listed the 49ers as one team that could do that, with Brady then adding the Patriots and Raiders as teams he might consider returning for. He said he would consider the idea if it didn't create a conflict of interest in his pursuit of buying an ownership stake in a team.

This prompted quite the response from Patriots fans in particular, hoping Brady would return to the team he saw the most success during a time when they need a quarterback. But is there a real possibility of this happening?

Tedy Bruschi isn't s sure about Tom Brady returning to the NFL

Because the sheer idea of Brady returning dominated headlines in New England last week, Bruschi was asked about his former teammate during an interview with Musket Fire last Friday while discussing his partnership with HeartMates.

He shared that when Brady first told him he was going to play until he was 45 years old, he didn't believe him. Why would he when most quarterbacks don't play anywhere near that age, never mind at a high level? Then that's exactly what Brady did, so Bruschi said he wouldn't be surprised to hear him say he could still play even ten years from now.

But when it comes to that actually happening, the former linebacker turned ESPN analyst isn't so sure.

"I think he'll say that in ten years from now, too. Letting someone in in terms of stories about who Tom thinks he is, he thinks anything is possible at any time. I remember him telling me he wanted to play until he was 45, and I laughed in his face.

So, I didn't think it was possible, and now he's saying he might come back. I really believe that's probably not going to happen, but his mindset will never change. And next year, three years from now, five years from now, I truly believe he'll still think that he would be better than like half the quarterbacks in the NFL. That's just who he is."

Given the seriousness of his retirement announcement last year and the fact he already sat out an entire season, which is not something he did the first time around, it seems unlikely that Brady will ever get back on the field.

It would be a great story for him to make his triumphant return to New England after four years, something fans hoped for before his final retirement announcement. But this is probably the latest example of Brady proving he's still on top of his game and would be ready if the call was made.

We can certainly keep our hopes up as Patriots fans, though!

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