Tom Brady teases unforeseen path back to Patriots in new interview

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Would it really be a proper NFL offseason of the last five years if we weren't talking about another potential return and un-retiring of Tom Brady?

In short, no, no it wouldn't.

That's what is becoming the biggest takeaway from the quarterback's recent interview on the DeepCut podcast, uploaded on Thursday.

Among the many intriguing questions asked and answers given, host Vic Blends floated the idea of teams reaching out to Brady about a possible return to the field. He specifically named the 49ers as the team to make the call in need of help for the playoffs.

But Brady cut him off to insert the Patriots into the conversation, catching the attention of all New England fans immediately.

Tom Brady teases unforeseen path back to Patriots in new interview

Is this real life?

Although it's unlikely to become a reality, Brady's name-dropping of the Patriots among the teams he would be open to discussing it with feels like a long time coming. On top of the existing issues between the former head coach and owner, things were patchy between all parties with the quarterback as well.

At one point, it felt like we would be lucky to see Brady back with the Patriots in any capacity, never mind as the team's quarterback. So although this was just a purely hypothetical question, the fact he named the Patriots first is quite the development from where things once were.

Another explanation could be that Belichick's absence makes the idea of a return a bit more digestible. Reports indicated a far-from-happy relationship between the longtime duo at the end of their partnership, so working with Mayo could be more intriguing for Brady, who loves to prove everyone wrong, mainly based on the label of being a system quarterback.

Despite this being more of a fantasy than reality, it's cool to hear Brady express a possible return to where he saw the most success. It bodes well for his impending Patriots Hall of Fame induction this summer, which will be another highly anticipated feature of this offseason, especially regarding whether Belichick will attend.

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