Patriots analyst believes the team has accepted they hit rock bottom

Scott Zolak gives his thoughts on the Patriots as they head into the second half of the season

Washington Commanders v New England Patriots
Washington Commanders v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

The Patriots are in uncharted waters as they now sit at 2-7, dead last in the AFC. This team lacks fight, skill, and fundamentals at times. But have they reached rock bottom? One analyst believes so.

Not only does Scott Zolak believe the Patriots have reached rock bottom, but they have also accepted it.

On Monday, Marc Bertrand asked Scott Zolak if the Patriots had reached rock bottom on 98.5 The Sports Hub's midday show Zolak and Bertrand. Zolak didn't hold back in his answer.

"That feels like they're accepting it. To me, there's a vibe of acceptance now. Stuff's unraveling, complaining, benched guys leaving the locker room. Just the tone, the tenor. I have no regrets. The quarterback saying... it's the halfway point. I have no regrets at the halfway point. Have we ever had a player in the last 20 years say, I have no regrets. Prep, playing, all that. I mean, this is bad. It's bad. Really bad. "

Zolak would go on to use the example of the bad losses from the Raiders and Saints this year and pointed out how the Patriots are 1-4 at home this year and have no home-field advantage. It's safe to say that Zolak has seen enough from the 2023 Patriots, understandably so.

But can it get worse?

The Patriots are set to play in Germany this week against the Colts in what could be one of three winnable games remaining. Even with this season being a wash for the Patriots, they shouldn't play like they've reached rock bottom.

Scott Zolak is right about the Patriots hitting rock bottom. But saying they accepted hitting rock bottom, that might not be the case.

Yes, the Patriots should have beaten the Commanders. Also, yes, they should have beaten the Raiders a few weeks ago. The Patriots have been nothing short of a letdown this year, but even if it's not pretty, they do go out and compete. After all, somehow, some way, the Patriots did defeat the Buffalo Bills this year in a game where they were heavy underdogs.

Even teams that have hit rock bottom bounce back in big ways. Maybe it won't be in 2023, but in 2024, the Patriots could turn it around.