New England Patriots should copy what the Las Vegas Raiders just did

Should the New England Patriots make a bold move with eight games left in 2023?
Las Vegas Raiders v Detroit Lions
Las Vegas Raiders v Detroit Lions / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Instead of just keeping the status quo, Robert Kraft should make a bold move and remove Bill Belichick from his roles as head coach and general manager of the New England Patriots. In fact, the Patriots should do this and hope that the same thing happens to them as what happened with the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Raiders recently fired head coach Josh McDaniels, GM Dave Ziegler, and OC Mick Lombardi. They have interim personnel in now, and in their first game without the recently-fired personnel, they blew out the New York Giants, and the team now sits at 4-5 and is still very much in the thick of things.

On a side note, the Raiders blowing out the Giants in Week 9 really shows just how poor of a job Josh McDaniels did. Anyway, the New England Patriots are 2-7 on the year and currently hold the 5th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. They are closer to Caleb Williams and Drake Maye than they are competing for a playoff spot. But honestly, why should Robert Kraft have to deal with this?

There's nothing that says that Kraft has to keep Belichick in his current roles as HC and GM of the team. It's clear that BB has created a mess; he's built a bad roster and has made some pretty poor decisions with the coaching staff. There is nothing really to like about this roster outside of some encouraging young players.

Well, the team is 2-7 on the year and may not have another winnable game left on their schedule. Robert Kraft should make a bold move here and essentially fire Belichick. Then, Jerod Mayo should be given the interim HC job. And based on Mayo still being here and reading the tea leaves, Mayo seems to be the "head coach in waiting" for this organization.

Why not give Mayo half the season to get comfortable? Giving Mayo eight games to prove that he can be a head coach in the NFL would be a smart idea. I know it sounds insane, and most of you might be rolling your eyes, but I think it can end up working out for the team.