What Tom Brady had to say about making his return to the Patriots this fall

Oct 3, 2021; Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) blows a
Oct 3, 2021; Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) blows a / Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

Not too long ago, Robert Kraft announced that the legendary quarterback who brought us so much joy over 20 years would return to Foxboro for the opening game to be honored now that he's officially retired.

It will be the first time Tom Brady will return to his former team, not as an opponent, which has unanimously excited New England fans beyond belief. So much so that the tickets for the Patriots vs. Eagles season opener are the most expensive for any game this upcoming season.

Since the announcement was made, we haven't heard a lot about Brady's feelings about making his return. However, he made a cameo in the schedule release video produced by the Patriots, which was a pleasant surprise.

Because of the alleged tension between him and the organization overall, more specifically, Bill Belichick, something like this didn't seem plausible at one point. But now that things have apparently been smoothed over and the quarterback intends to remain retired this time, it looks like the most appropriate thing to finally allow the fans and team to honor him for his incredible contributions throughout his career.

We finally heard from Brady about his upcoming return to his old stomping grounds on Thursday, when he made an appearance on ESPN to speak with Jeremy Schaap.

"It was such a kind gesture by RKK, who I've been in touch with since the season ended. We've always had a great relationship. From the moment that I stepped foot in Foxborough, I've cherished that opportunity, and I've always felt like I've been a member of that organization. I know my football journey took me to Tampa for three years, which I absolutely loved. And when that ended I had an opportunity to really reconnect with RKK on a personal level."

In speaking about his closeness to the Patriots' owner, he described how Kraft sold him on the idea of returning, emphasizing the desire to see the fans and his old teammates.

"He thought this was something that the fans would really enjoy. Obviously, I want to go back there and see the fans. See my teammates. I went back there one time, it was in an opposing uniform, which was a different type of welcoming. Although people were very polite, and I had a great experience. To be able to go back there in a different frame of mind, a less competitive frame of mind, and I'm always pulling for the Patriots. It's been a great organization. I've got so many friends there still. My kids were born in Boston. I have so many incredible memories of my time there, and it's a great gesture by the organization."

The details of what the honor ceremony will entail are yet to be revealed, but considering how important Brady has been for the Patriots organization, it's guaranteed to be very special.