Latest mock draft would be an absolute disaster for the Patriots

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With so many analysts and fans becoming heavily invested in mock drafting now that we're at a dead point in the offseason, it's easy to get your hopes up about how your team should handle their first few picks. Even experts in the field can be biased toward their favorite team or envision certain players on specific teams, even if it may not make the most sense.

But that isn't always the best way to go, especially for a team like the Patriots, who have apparent roster holes that need to be addressed early this year, making some of the decisions of mock drafters more questionable.

Although it seems pretty predictable the route Patriots are suspected to follow in the first few rounds, some experts putting together mock drafts are going in a completely different direction. That makes for a more enjoyable read, of course, but choosing not to draft the way the team needs seems to be done just for clicks and not for accuracy, which isn't so fun for fans.

That's how a new mock draft from is being viewed, as analyst Chad Reuter seems to have gone sideways with his three round mock draft.

The first round starts out fine, but the next two are a bit more questionable for the Patriots

For the most part, New England is expected to take a quarterback, wide receiver or maybe even an offensive lineman with the third overall pick. There has been an increased possibility that they'll trade back in recent weeks, though, so that could be the move they make instead.

That's how Reuter goes about the first round, with the Patriots trading with the Bears.

Chicago sends the 9th overall pick and Justin Fields to New England for the 3rd pick and picks over the next two years. This gives the Patriots their next quarterback while also ensuring they remain in the first round to snag another high-priority position of need.

"In my forecast, the Bears send Fields to New England. The Patriots would swap first-round selections with Chicago this year and also give up a 2024 fourth-round pick and a conditional 2025 pick in the deal, similar to the trade between the Packers and Jets for Aaron Rodgers last year."

The reaction to this trade for Fields will depend on who you ask. Some feel he hasn't been given a proper shot at succeeding in the NFL due to the dysfunction of the Chicago Bears, while others think we've seen enough not to be interested in what he could in New England, similar to Mac Jones.

Regardless, the Patriots then pick at No. 9, addressing another crucial position that will need upgrading this offseason.

. OT. Olumuyiwa Fashanu. player. NFL mock draft. Olumuyiwa Fashanu. 491. . . 1

"Fashanu possesses the intelligence, length and athleticism to start at left tackle immediately for the Patriots, who could lose Trent Brown in free agency."

Considered one of the top offensive tackles in the draft, there aren't many negative things to say about the Patriots drafting Fashanu. He would fill a significant need on the line, especially if Brown leaves in free agency, and would be a great player to fill that void.

The problems with this mock draft come in the next two rounds.

The mock draft goes downhill from here, with the Patriots ignoring their biggest needs

With another high pick in the second round, the Patriots would have their chance at several high-ranking receivers or even defensive players, like EDGE or linebackers. But Reuter has them going for a running back instead.

. . Blake Corum. RB. . player. NFL mock draft rd 2. Blake Corum. 2. 485

Running back is a position they need to address; that's not a secret. With Rhamondre Stevenson on the last year of his contract, yet to see much of anything from Kevin Harris and Ezekiel Elliott heading to free agency, it's a scarce part of the offense that must be dealt with.

However, is it such a priority for a team that needs significant upgrades elsewhere that they must address it in the second round? Absolutely not, especially since the RB class is deep, and they can still get a great player in a later round.

Perhaps Reuter believes Jerod Mayo won't sign a talented back in free agency, hence taking a player as soon as possible in the draft. But it feels like a huge mistake, given the more dire positions needing improvement.

He does address that in the third round, having New England take a wide receiver with the 68th pick.

. WR. Devontez Walker. 838. NFL mock draft rd3. . . Devontez Walker. 3. player

Walker is the 9th-ranked receiver of the class by PFF, so he's obviously not a total scrub. However, because the Patriots are in prime position in rounds two and three to grab a better player, especially if they trade for Fields to eliminate the need for a new quarterback, it's a big miss to wait until the third round to take a guy.

Hopefully, this is just an attempt by another mock drafter to stir up a conversation and less so trying to predict what teams might do because this would not be a good start to the draft for the Patriots.

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