Jerod Mayo is ready to do what Bill Belichick wouldn't for the Patriots

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots
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Since he was introduced as the next head coach of the New England Patriots last week, we haven't heard much from Jerod Mayo about the state of the team and his plans for the future. Although that's not entirely unexpected given how early he is in his tenure and where we are in the NFL offseason, many fans and reporters took issue with the lack of answers regarding the team's outlook.

They voiced their displeasure over social media and New England television, to the point of being considered over the top (rightfully so), but they can now calm down, as Mayo spoke to the masses during his Monday morning appearance on WEEI's "The Greg Hill Show."

Given that the hottest topic this offseason has been the draft and how much cap space the Patriots are set to have, it was one of the prioritized questions once Mayo was in the studio. He was asked about his stance on cash spending and if Robert Kraft permitted him to spend the money on top talent.

It has remained a consistently debated part of Bill Belichick's tenure with the team, leading to a public exchange of words between the former head coach and team owner. But Mayo assured everyone they will be ready to spend the nearly $70 million in cap space this year, something Belichick has not been known to do throughout his career.

"We're bringing in talent, 1,000 percent. We have a lot of cap space and cash. We're ready to burn some cash!"

With the offense in need of significant upgrading and some top pending free agents, like Kendrick Bourne, Kyle Dugger, Hunter Henry, and Mike Onwenu, whom Mayo will need to decide whether to re-sign, there is a lot to handle during free agency, this year, particularly for a new head coach.

Because it starts almost two months before the draft, determining who you want to remain with the team and who you want to sign will directly impact the team's direction with their draft class.

They could easily snag a top receiver in free agency, allowing them to prioritize the offensive line and quarterback in the draft. Or maybe they will stick with rostered quarterbacks or even choose a bridge player to focus on other positions come April.

He sort of hinted at what he believes would be the right way to go with the third overall pick, but we won't truly know that answer until night one of the draft.

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