Patriots Mock Draft Roundup: Jayden Daniels no longer the clear favorite at No. 3

North Carolina v Pittsburgh
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For most of the offseason, or basically, since analysts and experts began doing mock drafts, the Patriots have been favored to pick a quarterback at No. 3. Who that player may be has continued to change over the months, but LSU's Jayden Daniels has remained a constant since Drake Maye and Caleb Williams have been decided to be the top two off the board.

The often touted second coming of Lamar Jackson has consistently been connected to New England and has seemed like the inevitable choice for Jerod Mayo. But that has changed recently, with some experts moving him ahead of Maye in their quarterback rankings and exploring the possibility of the Patriots trading back in several scenarios.

Now, the Patriots' pick doesn't appear as clear, with the most recent mock drafts being a bit more diverse with their selections.

CBS Sports: Brock Bowers, TE - Georgia

Josh Edwards wrote:

"New England trades back almost 10 spots and still gets a player who may have been considered at No. 3 overall. If the Patriots are the landing spot for Justin Fields, then suddenly this offense gets a lot more interesting."

Fox Sports: Jayden Daniels, QB - LSU

Joel Klatt wrote:

"The Patriots have to go quarterback as well, and Jayden Daniels is the No. 3 quarterback on my list. Daniels was sensational as the Heisman Trophy winner this past season and he does so many things that should translate to the modern NFL.

Ten years ago, I think there would have been a bigger debate surrounding Daniels because he's not the biggest quarterback. But his mobility and athleticism, along with his ability to attack down the field by throwing the ball in intermediate and downfield zones, make him very attractive to the next level. 

It's pretty obvious that New England is going to be searching for a quarterback. Mac Jones is not going to be the answer. "

Pro Football Network: Marvin Harrison Jr., WR - Ohio State

Oliver Hodgkinson wrote:

"If the New England Patriots miss out on the top two quarterbacks in the 2024 NFL Draft, Marvin Harrison Jr. is a no-brainer selection at No. 3. The team hasn’t had an elite pass catcher for a long time, and Harrison certainly comes under that description.

Furthermore, he’s adept at elevating mediocre QB play, something there’s been plenty of from the Pats."

ESPN: Drake Maye, QB - North Carolina

Field Yates wrote:

"The 6-foot-4, 230-pound quarterback is still 21 years old and has the prototypical build for an NFL passer. Maye is a strike-thrower when targeting the middle of the field, but he also shows nifty pocket agility to extend plays and has 16 rushing touchdowns over the past two seasons. As the Patriots embark on a new era under Jerod Mayo, they could build the new offense around Maye. New England finished last season 30th in yards per attempt (6.1) and 31st in Total QBR (31.6)."

CBS Sports: Marvin Harrison Jr., WR - Ohio State

Chris Trapasso wrote:

"If Maye is to fall, that slip might really take off here if the Patriots don't pick him at No. 3 overall. In this mock, they add a big, dynamic vertical threat to the receiver group with Harrison Jr."

The 33rd Team: Jayden Daniels, QB - LSU

Connor Livesay wrote:

"There are a lot of whispers about the New England Patriots trading back from No. 3, but we’re not doing trades, and the need for a franchise quarterback means Jayden Daniels makes the most sense.

The Patriots could elect to build the roster and drop the quarterback in later, but adding a dual-threat option in Daniels is the most exciting way to start a new era in New England."

CBS Sports: Drake Maye, QB - North Carolina

Ryan Wilson wrote:

"The Patriots cannot come out of this draft without a quarterback. Drake Maye could push Caleb Williams for QB1, depending on the team -- and Jayden Daniels could be in the QB2 conversation, too. This QB class is deep at the top, so different teams will have different favorites."

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