Ja'Lynn Polk has perfect response to being drafted by Patriots

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There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the Patriots' first pick of Day 2 in this year's draft, wide receiver Ja'Lynn Polk. But in case you needed another, his first comments since being drafted will instantly make you an even bigger fan.

Besides working out just hours before the start of Round 2, Polk wanted to to make sure Patriots fans knew even more the type of player the team was getting with his addition.

He put it simply, stating, "They're getting a monster," and although we're yet to see what exactly that means, he's clearly a passionate player and ready to get started with his new team in Foxboro.

Polk even doubled down on that assertion while speaking to Patriots media for the first time just minutes after being drafted, so you know he means business.

Ja'Lynn Polk has perfect response to being drafted by Patriots

Knowing that he's coming to a team in the midst of a rebuild, with significant changes being made this offseason from top to bottom, hearing Polk describe his game after impressing with his training video makes it easy to get behind him as the Patriots' pick.

Despite concerns regarding his speed, he's a good route runner and has developed a reputation for catching almost anything thrown his way. Some analysts have described his game being similar to that of Jakobi Meyers or even Kendrick Bourne, and we know how well they did in the Patriots system.

Adding that kind of explosiveness to the offense is exactly what the team needed as they continue to build their new identity. It will be interesting to see where he fits into it throughout the summer and how much they will utilize him immediately since he's projected to be a WR2.

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