New England Patriots continue to build next dynasty by taking receiver Ja'Lynn Polk

New England's second choice in the 2024 NFL draft was number 34 in the second round.
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Heading into the 2024 NFL draft, the New England Patriots obviously needed to focus on rebuilding the offense. Maybe due to coaching or health, the offensive line was awful for the Patriots in 2023. Sadly, that was somewhat the strength of the offense, if the line can be called that. But after taking quarterback Drake Maye in the first round, New England...

Of course, Seattle could have gone a lot of different ways. There was nothing wrong with choosing nearly any spot on the offense, except quarterback, of course, as the Patriots addressed that in round one. There would be no reason to take a quarterback in round two. Who would New England think they were adding a second quarterback when it wasn't needed? The Atlanta Falcons?

After trading with the Los Angeles Chargers in order to add another pick, New England moved back to 37 and took some help for Maye. The Patriots chose University of Washington receiver Ja'Lynn Polk. He has decent size at 6'1"and 203 pounds and was overshadowed by the Huskies by Rome Odunze. That does not mean that Polk is not good, however, because he is definitely capable of greatness in the NFL.

Patriots get Drake Maye help in round two of the 2024 NFL draft by taking receiver Ja'Lynn Polk

His 40 time was solid at 4.52 so he isn't a true burner, but he is fast enough and has excellent hands. He also plays with fantastic strength and is going to fight for every ball that Maye throws his way. In fact, Polk is probably a better receiver in traffic than Odunze.

Polk is not going to likely be a deep threat such as Tyreek Hill, but he might lead the Patriots in receptions for many years because he is a fantastic route runner and capable of running anything in the route tree.

One area he will need to improve is his blocking ability, or his will to block. He has the strength to be good in that aspect, he might just need to be pushed a bit more than he was at Washington.

Still, he is exactly the kind of receiver a young Maye needs because Polk is going to force his way open and catch contested passes. He could easily lead the team in catches as a rookie. By year two, he could be a Pro Bowler.

Grade: B+

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