Former Patriots receiver has a stunning take on Tom Brady being the GOAT

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You would think after winning seven Super Bowls in ten trips, countless AFC titles, breaking almost every quarterback stat record in the history of the NFL and more would make someone the undisputed greatest quarterback of all time, but it's the year 2024 and the debate continues to be had.

We've now reached the point of trying to differentiate the terms 'greatest' and 'talented,' with some suggesting that even 'accomplished' could also be included.

That way, they can attempt to get away with saying Tom Brady is the greatest and most accomplished but not the most talented to ever play the position in the league.

It's the latest addition to the GOAT debate surrounding the now-retired Brady and whoever else joins the conversation this week. Although most current and former players acknowledge him as the best ever, a few don't view him that way, and the latest player to express that is a bit more shocking than the rest.

Phillip Dorsett shares unexpected opinion on the greatest quarterback he ever played with

During a recent appearance on James White's "The Money Down" podcast, former Patriots receiver Phillip Dorsett revealed who he feels was the most talented quarterback he has ever played with.

Since he was with the Patriots for three seasons, even winning a Super Bowl with the team, the assumption was he would say Brady. Instead, he surprised everyone in New England by claiming it was actually Andrew Luck, whom Dorsett played with during the first two seasons of his career.

“I always say this to everybody. People ask me because they know I played with Tom. They was like, ‘Dang, who was the best quarterback you played with?’ I be like, ‘Be honest with you, when it comes to talent, it was Andrew Luck, for sure. Talent-wise, Andrew was different. He was just a natural born leader. He was still young, and the way he carried himself you would think this man was a 10-year vet.

“He was tough as hell, athletic. …Bro, when you watch him play basketball, you be like, ‘Damn, like, this man is really an all-around athlete. He had a strong arm, was smart, was accurate. It’s just injuries, bro. It’s football.”

Although Dorsett made it clear he was speaking from purely a talent perspective, it's still interesting to somewhat discredit Brady's talent in choosing Luck over him. It also makes you wonder what exactly the former Colts quarterback did that was so different from Brady to make Dorsett feel that way.

Unfortunately, his career ended prematurely due to a long list of injuries, so we probably never got to see the best of what Luck could do.

But it seems like Dorsett saw enough to name him the most talented he ever played with, and that's saying a lot when one of the other quarterbacks was Brady during the second part of the dynasty.

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