Patriots fans trick Ryan Clark into proving Tom Brady is GOAT, not Patrick Mahomes

New England Patriots Victory Parade
New England Patriots Victory Parade / Billie Weiss/GettyImages

It wouldn't be a Super Bowl weekend headlined by the Chiefs playing in the big game without wild comparisons between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes dominating social media and sports media. Unfortunately, that's inevitable now that Kansas City is now considered a dynasty.

But analysts continue to expose their recency bias and determination to erase Brady from history books with their incessant declarations that the former Patriots quarterback is no longer considered the greatest of all time. It will remain a topic of discussion as long as Mahomes gains more success throughout his career, which is fine and expected when a quarterback starts a career like his.

The problem is when analysts, who are paid millions of dollars to watch and talk about NFL games for a living post-playing career, don't do their homework. That's what happened after the Chiefs won Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday when a Patriots fan responded to one of Ryan Clark of ESPN's tweets naming Mahomes the best to ever play.

The fan responded to the tweet with screenshots of quarterback stats from four Super Bowls, stating they were Mahomes' statistics from his four championship games.

Despite being apparent to everyone that they were not his and were actually Brady's, Clark was easily duped. He quoted the tweet to once again declare the Chiefs quarterback the best ever.

He was met with a barrage of tweets clowning him for falling for the bait, with Patriots fans relishing that he was tricked as easily as he was and exposing the media's bias in the Brady-Mahomes debate.

That inevitably prompted Clark to delete his response quickly, but screenshots live on the internet forever, so we will always have the receipts.

It's one small victory for Patriots fans who are sick of this debate, especially since Brady had so many parameters to hit before some felt comfortable enough to call him the GOAT before they then decided that Super Bowl wins were a team stat.

So, at least this fun moment with Clark will provide a good laugh for quite some time.

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