Eliot Wolf just promised Patriots fans their dream team for 2024

New England Patriots Introduce Jerod Mayo as Head Coach
New England Patriots Introduce Jerod Mayo as Head Coach / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

It's finally the week of the 2024 NFL Combine, and Patriots fans had the opportunity to hear from presumed general manager Eliot Wolf for the first time on Tuesday morning. Because he is allegedly the guy who will be making most of the decisions regarding the roster via free agency and the draft, there were a lot of questions waiting for him to answer as both events are nearing.

Most of what was asked of the longtime executive revolved around the draft, given the Patriots' positioning atop the board and their presence at the combine.

But because the team has a ton of cap space to spend, many wanted to know New England's plan regarding signing free agents and how they hoped to approach the offense while maintaining their dominant defense.

Wolf's response was exactly what fans were hoping to hear.

“In terms of physical skills, we need to weaponize the offense. We need to be faster and more explosive on defense. Height, weight, speed, playmaking ability – there will definitely be an emphasis on those things.”

Because this time of year had become predominately predictable under Bill Belichick due to his history of not spending too much or drafting the highest touted players, it's refreshing to hear essentially the opposite from the new regime in Foxboro.

Given where the offense is with their roster and the need for upgrades, knowing they will prioritize signing the players that can make that happen easily makes it seem like nothing is necessarily off the table. Maybe blockbuster trades and top money spending could become a reality over the next several weeks, something New England hasn't seen in many years.

Wolf mentioned that could be in the cards but also reiterated their desire to do what was best for the team, including saving.

“We’re going to aggressively try to help the team. Take that however you want it. We’ll try to do what’s right – whether that means spending or saving, TBD.”

Because the Patriots are set to have some of the most money to spend, fans are going to, of course, want them to do just that. But hearing Wolf say that's not a guarantee is also satisfying, even if it isn't what some want to see happen.

Frivolous spending isn't going to get them anywhere and could do more harm than good in the long term, even if it's exciting at first. It's why some teams are in cap hell this offseason, and that's not a place the Patriots need to get to in the middle of a rebuild and new era.

So, hopefully, they'll do what they have to do to improve the team and set them up for success right away and down the road.

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