At least one Patriots player is not interested in Tom Brady's potential return

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots
Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages

After Tom Brady faked us out with his first failed retirement, many fans believed he might do it again despite his insistence that the second time was final. Many NFL fans were happy to see him remain off the field during the 2023 season, but the quarterback has made headlines again this week by teasing a possible return.

Although this is the first time since he announced his retirement a year ago that he seemed to seriously entertain the idea of coming back to the league, it did seem more like a cheeky conversation during a recent interview than anything more.

Brady spoke about the possibility during his appearance on the DeepCut podcast last week, where host Vic Blends couldn't help but mention the idea of him coming back for just a few post-season games if a team made the call.

Blends specifically mentioned the 49ers, to which Brady added the Patriots and Raiders, perking the ears of every New England fan who has mourned the legendary quarterback's departure for the last four years.

Because the assumption is that it was all just a hypothetical scenario the pair were discussing, most conversations regarding the now-viral clip have remained amongst primarily fans. But that changed when returning Patriots quarterback Jacoby Brissett commented on the clip via Instagram and isn't all too thrilled with the idea of Brady's return.

Brissett was quick to let everyone know that, too, writing, “Nope. Not liking this post!”

Of course, it was all in jest, as Brissett and Brady made up 2/3 of the fan-favorite quarterback trio with Jimmy Garoppolo during the 2016 season. They share a bond they have all discussed over the years, a time with the Patriots they look back on fondly.

So clearly, Brissett is just giving his former teammate a hard time. But how crazy would it be if he was being even slightly serious?

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