3 underrated Patriots players who could make a massive impact next season

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The overwhelming reaction to the Patriots' moves in free agency this year has been less than enthusiastic. This makes perfect sense to an extent, given the amount of cash they had (and still have) available to spend on big-name players.

But at the same time, they managed to re-sign their most critical pending free agents, which is almost as significant.

Part of the lack of excitement can be blamed on the notion that a team coming off a losing record is filled with an entire locker room of poorly performing players who shouldn't be brought back. That can be true for some rosters, of course, but that isn't the case for the Patriots.

There is still plenty of time for drastic or maybe even blockbuster moves to be made (here's to hoping), with free agency well underway and the 2024 NFL Draft just around the corner.

Perhaps New England lacks optimism regarding the likelihood of that happening, but at least they roster some great players, some of whom could make a massive impact next season.

These are just three of the most underrated players bound to do just that.

3 underrated Patriots players who could make a massive impact next season

Jacoby Brissett

It wouldn't exactly be too difficult to make an impact as a quarterback in New England after the last two years of hard-to-watch play, but Jacoby Brissett's addition will make a significant difference for the future of the Patriots' offense.

One of the most critical aspects of the veteran's arrival is the mentorship he can provide to the team's younger quarterbacks, including the presumed rookie they plan to draft.

Brissett has been in the league for eight years and has played with several different offenses and coordinators. That knowledge will be invaluable to the next starting quarterback for New England.

On top of that, he will provide some stability in the position, which had been lacking with Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe, and give them a better opportunity to succeed.

He's no Tom Brady, but Brissett thrived in Cleveland, with Alex Van Pelt calling the plays and putting together one of the best statistical seasons of his career. And now that they're reuniting, expecting the best from the quarterback is not far-fetched.