3 reasons the Patriots win against the Eagles, 2 reasons they lose

The New England Patriots open up the 2023 NFL season against the Philadelphia Eagles. They will be tested in an already crucial matchup.
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The New England Patriots open up the 2023 NFL season against the Philadelphia Eagles at home. Can they win this very tough game against the defending NFC Champions? Safe to say the NFL schedule makers did not do the Patriots any favors for Week 1 of the 2023 NFL season. The Patriots, who are entering a very crucial 2023 season, open up against the Eagles.

The Patriots are team that lacks top-end talent. The Eagles are a team that possesses top-end talent. Just looking at the roster alone, it's easy to see why many would pick Philly to win this game. However, in the NFL, anything can happen on any given Sunday, so it's very possible that the Patriots can sneak out a win.

Let's cover three reasons the Patriots can win, and two reasons why they might lose.

3 reasons the Patriots win against the Eagles, 2 reasons they lose
1. The Patriots win because of Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick is the greatest coach in NFL history, and a few rough years recently does not change that. At the end of the day, BB has made some questionable roster decisions and coaching decisions in recent years, so I think some of the shine has worn off of his status among the NFL's elite. I do think if there is any coach who can stop the Eagles, Belichick is one of them.

I mean, they did it once in the Super Bowl, so why not do it again, right? Belichick does give the Patriots a clear coaching advantage most weeks, and he'll have to be at his best on Sunday.

2. The Patriots win because the Eagles get too cocky

Nick Sirianni and the Philadelphia Eagles definitely made their presence known in 2022, and it was clear that they weren't afraid to talk about it either. Part of me thinks the Eagles think they already have this game in the bag. Their roster is the best in the NFL by far and the just saw their young QB in Jalen Hurts explode in 2022.

This team might not have a single weakness, and perhaps they just come out too full of themselves in Week 1. Maybe they think they'll pick up right where they left off in 2022 and begin the season with 319 straight wins. Perhaps the Patriots can take advantage of this hypothetical...

3. The Patriots win because their defense holds Philly to less than 24 points

I think if the Eagles are pushing 30 points on Sunday, the Patriots won't win. However, 24 feels like that magic number to me. I think if the Pats can hold the Eagles to less than 24 points, they can stay in the game and at least make it close. Perhaps they can even win. Do I think the Pats' offense can muster 24 points at home? Yeah, I do. They averaged 21.4 points per game with Matt Patricia running the show last year.

It's not crazy to think that Bill O'Brien can get this Patriots' offense averaging 24 points per game, right?