Chandler Jones makes it clear he is not enjoying the Josh McDaniels experience

San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Upon leaving the Patriots for the Las Vegas Raiders in 2022, there was a lot of optimism for Josh McDaniels' second try at being a head coach in the NFL. He had a respectable resume as the offensive coordinator in New England for a total of 14 seasons, helping the team win six Super Bowls during his tenure.

The once-believed heir to Bill Belichick's throne was no longer, and the long-time offensive coordinator decided to start fresh out west, hoping to have a more successful run than his time in Denver.

But things got shaky not long after he was hired, with some Raiders players having a hard time with upper management firing Jon Gruden mid-season the year before and quickly took issue with how McDaniels chose to coach them. Things got even worse when the decision was made to bench Derek Carr for the final two games of the season, leading to the quarterback stepping away from the team and wanting out of Las Vegas.

Unable to find a trade partner for Carr, the Raiders released the nine-year veteran one day before he was guaranteed over $40 million in future earnings.

This reportedly didn't sit well with several players, which kickstarted rumors that Davante Adams would soon demand a trade as well. Fortunately, that didn't happen. But the fires in Vegas were only put out briefly, as it appears a new drama has begun just days before the 2023 season.

On Tuesday morning, four-time Pro Bowl linebacker Chandler Jones took to Instagram to post some harsh words for his current team. Before the posts were deleted, Jones revealed he doesn't want to play for the Raiders if McDaniels is his head coach or Dave Ziegler is the general manager.

He went on to say that he had to use a local gym to workout in because he was denied access to the team building, posting screenshots of text messages to McDaniels about the situation.

Since the posts have been deleted, it's unclear if the problems were resolved or if Jones was told by his PR team to remove the stories from his Instagram page. No matter the case, it's clear McDaniels has a way of wreaking havoc as a head coach and is on that path again heading into his second season with the Raiders.

It's an intriguing story for Patriots fans since most players who worked with him in New England never had anything negative to say about their experience with him as an offensive coordinator.

Why is that?

It will likely be a mystery to determine what changes with McDaniels' demeanor when he becomes a head coach that creates many issues for teams that don't happen when he's a coordinator.