Considering it is all over the internet, everyone knows that Tom Brady and offensive coor..."/> Considering it is all over the internet, everyone knows that Tom Brady and offensive coor..."/>

Reaction to Tom Brady and Bill O’Brien’s Verbal Exchange


Considering it is all over the internet, everyone knows that Tom Brady and offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien got in a heated argument in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s win over the Redskins. Jamie Pacheco wrote following the game yesterday that Brady took full responsibility for the verbal exchange, and rightfully so.

Here is my take on what went down: after the interception on the sidelines Brady was making a case either to wide receiver Tiquan Underwood or someone else that it was Underwood’s fault for the interception and he should have made a play on the ball. O’Brien then stepped in to defend Underwood and say that it was a terrible pass and all on Brady. Brady, who sometimes doesn’t take criticism well, especially in the heat of the moment, got upset with O’Brien and that is what led to the exchange. The back-and-forth didn’t last very long as the two were sitting next to each other minutes later and even hugged one another after Jerod Mayo’s interception to clinch the win.

To me this whole exchange was blown completely out of proportion. On Patriots message boards, Twitter and sports radio people were very critical of O’Brien for yelling at Brady, some even saying that O’Brien should be looking for a few job next season. These people don’t know football. O’Brien is the offense coordinator, he calls the plays, he is essentially Brady’s boss along with Bill Belichick. So Brady’s “boss” isn’t allowed to yell at him?

This happens more times than people think, it is just being overblown because it was on the sidelines for the world to see. Brady clearly has a passion for the game and wants to win. I like that, that is what you want your team’s quarterback to have. There are always going to be disagreements between offensive coordinators and players, especially quarterbacks and both sides want to get their way and voice their opinions. The thing that was different about yesterday was that his happened on the field and not behind closed doors.

It also wasn’t the first time O’Brien has mixed it up with one of his players. Last season after the Miami Dolphins game, in Miami, O’Brien and wide receiver Randy Moss had a verbal exchange on the flight home. That was the beginning of the end for Moss.

I am glad O’Brien did what he did yesterday, Brady deserved to be yelled at. Not only was it a bad throw, but it was a bad decision. The Patriots were up seven with seven minutes to go. The worst thing you could have done in that situation was either fumble or throw an interception. If Brady didn’t have anything all he had to do was throw the ball out of the end zone and kick the field goal, making it a two possession game. That was the point O’Brien was making, and rightfully so.

I hope this is not discussed more this week because with the Patriots playing Tebow and the Broncos this coming Sunday it already is going to be a media circus at Gillette.

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