New England Patriots schedule and opponents

Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots
Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots / Billie Weiss/GettyImages

The Patriots' 2024 season will be one of the more exciting ones in recent memory, mainly because of all the massive changes they have implemented and will continue to usher in this offseason.

From saying goodbye to Bill Belichick and hello to Jerod Mayo and having the second most cap space in the league to spend to holding a coveted top 3 pick in the 2024 Draft, the team will look dramatically different when they take the field again this fall.

It makes for a very unpredictable year, making this team all the more interesting, which will inevitably put a lot of pressure on Mayo to exceed expectations in his first year as the new head coach.

Unfortunately for him, that goes beyond just acing the offseason.

Patriots 2024 schedule

Although we don't know the Patriots 2024 schedule just yet since that won't be released until May, we do know the teams they will be facing, and it won't be an easy season. It could be a good test for the almost entirely new staff and team, especially facing six teams that were just in the playoffs, but it may not be a test they want so early in their tenures.

How it all comes together will play a pivotal role in how the season will go, much like it did last season. But on paper, it doesn't look like it will matter all too much.

Patriots 2024 opponents



Buffalo Bills

Chicago Bears

Los Angeles Chargers

Cincinnati Bengals

Indianapolis Colts

Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins

Arizona Cardinals

New York Jets

Miami Dolphins

Los Angeles Rams

Jacksonville Jaguars

Seattle Seahawks

New York Jets

Houston Texans

Tennessee Titans

San Francisco 49ers

Although the schedule remains unknown, we know who the Patriots will face during the 2024 season. And we know they'll have an extra away game this year, as opposed to the additional home game they had last year.

They're not slated to play any games overseas, which is also a helpful clue about their schedule. To make matters more interesting, they will play a handful of other teams with new head coaches, which will surely be a storyline in the lead-up to those games.

No matter how the schedule pans out, the hope is they are an improved team compared to how they fared last season, a disappointing and hard-to-watch group. It seems like the new era is already creating excitement amongst the fans and even the players, so that's an excellent start to a significant offseason.