Writing is on the wall for Bailey Zappe after Patriots' sixth-round draft pick

New York Jets v New England Patriots
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Even before the start of the 2024 NFL Draft, it was widely suspected the Patriots would be selecting a quarterback with their No. 3 overall pick.

There was chatter suggesting that Mac Jones or Bailey Zappe might have a shot to earn the starting job for the upcoming season, but much of that has been put to rest over the last several weeks, even more so in the last several minutes.

Earlier in the offseason, the Jones experiment officially ended as he was traded to the Jaguars to backup Trevor Lawrence. Zappe remains on the team and outside of the presumed starter Jacoby Brissett, had looked like he would be the QB2 for the year.

That has drastically changed with the additions of Drake Maye and now Joe Milton, who the Patriots drafted in the sixth round. The quarterback room has become a lot more crowded over the last few days, and Zappe is looking like one of the few who won't make the final roster for the 2024 season.

Writing is on the wall for Bailey Zappe after Patriots' sixth-round draft pick

Although Mayo stated that Maye will compete for the starting job this fall with Brissett, the assumption remains the pair will be QB1 and QB2. With the addition of Milton now, given his size and arm talent, he has all the makings of a QB3, which leaves a few others looking for a spot on the team.

Nathan Rourke and Zappe are on the outside looking in, and will likely remain that way unless the Patriots decide to carry more than three quarterbacks on the roster.

The best solution for Zappe, though, might be to try and trade him to a team in need of a backup quarterback. Despite his erratic performance throughout the 2023 season, he could serve as a solid backup which might garner some interest from teams around the league to inquire about a trade.

It would be the best case scenario for all involved, especially if the Patriots could get something in return for the quarterback, even if it is a low round pick.

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