3 players Patriots should put on the trade block during the 2024 NFL Draft

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One of the more under-discussed parts of the Patriots draft process is the possibility of players being traded, not just draft picks.

Most hypothetical scenarios involving a potential trade-up only included draft capital from this year or next, neglecting the few players who might be on the chopping block, especially if a team expresses any interest.

For the most part, the Patriots are not considered a team with many players that would garner strong inquiries, outside of the ones they shouldn't entertain any trade offers for. But a few could be offloaded if the right deal is made.

3 players Patriots should put on the trade block during the 2024 NFL Draft

Chad Ryland

Trading a kicker after just one season isn't going to be at the top of the priority list and the new regime in Foxboro may be willing to give Chad Ryland another shot to prove his value. But because he was well-regarded coming out of college, a team needing a kicker might pursue him via trade.

Anything is possible, right?

The general belief would be just to release him since he's still on a rookie contract and won't cost much to do so. However, if a team is willing to give up any draft capital to snag him, as he was chosen in the fourth round in last year's draft, it would be better to receive something in return than release him for nothing.

JuJu Smith-Schuster

The most obvious player that should be shopped during the draft is JuJu Smith-Schuster, mainly because he had a pretty rough first season with the team. Mayo and Co. have already brought in K.J. Osborn to add to the receiving corps and the assumption is they will draft another top quality player or even trade for one this offseason.

So where does that leave Smith-Schuster on the depth chart?

He was once considered a great player, but injuries have derailed his value, and his ongoing struggles during the 2023 season didn't help. If he is recovered and a team is willing to take a risk by adding him to their roster, there should be no fight from the Patriots in getting a trade done, even if it isn't for a high draft pick.

Bailey Zappe

Because all signs point to a new quarterback being selected in this year's draft, Bailey Zappe seems to be less needed on the Patriots 2024 roster.

If the rookie isn't the starter in September, then Jacoby Brissett will be the guy. The third stringer could easily be Nathan Rourke, who the new regime seems to like since they re-signed him in free agency earlier this year.

If that's a good enough quarterback room, then trading Zappe should be no problem. Teams won't necessarily be knocking the door down to get him on their team, but he could be a suitable backup somewhere and worthy of a late-round pick in return.

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