Updated receiver rankings for the Patriots after the NFL Combine

NFL Combine
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Because the Patriots have the third overall pick, there is a general assumption they will inevitably select a quarterback since they want to improve the position before the 2024 season. But there has been talk about Jerod Mayo deciding to trade back, especially if they sign a veteran free agent like Baker Mayfield or another player connected to Alex Van Pelt.

If that's what happens, they may decide to take a wide receiver in the first round instead.

No matter what they decide, they were undoubtedly paying very close attention to the NFL Combine on Saturday, as the wide receivers tested and proved they have a very talented class.

Most of the hype has surrounded Marvin Harrison Jr. and Rome Odunze, while the rest have been credited with making up a deep group for this year's draft. However, not much had been made of any other names until the Combine ended Saturday evening.

Fortunately for the Patriots, there are a lot of quality receivers to choose from in the first round if they go that route.

Updated wide receiver rankings for the Patriots after the NFL Combine

As it has been for every other one of the top-5 teams in this year's draft, the Patriots have been a team consistently mock-drafted to take Harrison Jr. to reset their receiving corps next season. Because he's being named a "generational talent," he has seemingly become the No. 1 choice for a team needing a receiver.

That hasn't changed, despite his decision not to test at the Combine. But now the gap between him and the next best players doesn't seem as wide, as the receivers showed up and showed out on Saturday, convincing most analysts and fans that this could be a first-round loaded with pass catchers going early.

Because of the results of their tests, the rankings have shifted a bit, and the Patriots now know who may be in their range if they take a receiver with the third overall pick or if they trade with another quarterback-needy team.

Here is a new top-10 list of who the Patriots should be interested in:

NOTE: These are not official rankings; they are based only on my opinion.





Marvin Harrison Jr.

Ohio State



Malik Nabers




Rome Odunze




Brian Thomas Jr.




Ladd McConkey




Adonai Mitchell




Keon Coleman

Florida State



Troy Franklin




Xavier Worthy




These are just some of the names that could go in the first round; a few others whose stock rose based on their Combine performances could also sneak into the first. So the Patriots will have a large group to choose from, whether they stay put at No. 3 or trade back.

If they do hold off on a receiver until the second round, many quality players will still be available. Some of those names may be Xavier Legette, Bub Means, Ricky Pearsall, Tez Walker, or Roman Wilson.

It's a great year to need a receiver.

Notes about some of the players based on their performances:

  • Xavier Worthy set a new 40-yard dash record with 4.21 seconds. It is the fastest time of any player in the history of the Combine. He is almost a shoo-in to be a first-rounder now because of it.
  • Brian Thomas Jr. impressed with his athleticism and asserted himself in the top 3 of the class.
  • Ladd McConkey's stock rose from a day two or three prospect to potentially into the first round.
  • Adonai Mitchell has predominately been in the second round on big boards across the league, making him a viable candidate for the Patriots with the 34th overall pick. But a stand-out day in all the workouts could have him be another first-rounder.

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