Unexpected team might be interested in trading for Mac Jones

Washington Commanders v New England Patriots
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What the Patriots plan to do regarding the quarterback positions seems relatively obvious, given their third overall pick in the upcoming draft, links to several veterans through new offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt, and the countless rumors suggesting they're gearing up for a new signal caller.

However, no matter what they plan to do, they must account for Mac Jones and his future in New England or elsewhere.

The assumption remains that they will be looking to trade him when free agency begins next week, hoping to add more draft capital this year to bulk up the team. What they could ultimately get in return has been a debated topic, mainly because he's a former first-rounder who hasn't lived up to that label.

But some analysts are now sharing what they've been hearing from teams who may be interested in acquiring Jones, and what they might be willing to give up is kind of surprising.

Unexpected team may be interested in trading for Mac Jones

Mitch Milani of the “Bottom Line View” podcast on Bleacher Report discussed how the situation could ultimately pan out and feels Jones's market is strikingly similar to another first-round quarterback from his draft class, Justin Fields, who has been the subject of trade talks all offseason.

What the Bears could get for their mostly underwhelming quarterback has been a topic of debate, as well, but Milani believes it could be a fifth rounder for both, and names a new team who could be interested in trading for Jones if the option was presented.

“The market for Mac Jones actually is kind of interesting. Because it feels like Mac Jones market is getting similar interest to Justin Fields. … Feels like Mac Jones is getting a fifth-round pick. The team I’m hearing the most is the Seattle Seahawks are pretty heavily tied to Mac Jones."

A fifth-round pick may seem high to some since Jones hasn't done much to prove his value since his rookie season. But Milani brings up a good point: Trey Lance was traded from the 49ers to the Cowboys for a fourth-round pick. At that time and currently, he remains an unknown prospect because he hasn't been given many chances to show what he could do.

That probably explains why Dallas gave up a mid-round pick. He hasn't shown that he's a complete bust yet, and he's not a star either. So, a fifth-rounder for Jones seems fair, no?

It was also interesting that the Seahawks were a possible team on the radar. They have not been mentioned previously, but given their new regime and probable need for a new quarterback, since Geno Smith is not the future, they could be taking a good look at Jones.

“This is an entirely new staff. They don’t have any ties to Geno Smith. They might be looking for a cost-effective backup and a cost-effective option moving into the future. Mac Jones could be pretty interesting from that standpoint—give him some weapons, give him a new, fresh feel in a new location, and allow him to have a little bit of a chip on his shoulder now.”

Starting over in the Pacific Northwest could be of interest to Jones, too. They're not a team in contention just yet, so the pressure to maintain previous success won't be there.

Plus, the offense is stacked with talent (D.K. Metcalf, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Kenneth Walker III), which would not only make the transition to a new team smoother but also make his job the easiest since joining the NFL.

It seems like an ideal scenario for both teams and Jones. Whether or not Seattle is genuinely interested is yet to be reported, but looking at what they could gain from this trade, as well as the Patriots, it's certainly something they should seriously consider.

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