Hiring of Alex Van Pelt has Patriots connected to another veteran quarterback

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Because there is uncertainty about the Patriots taking a rookie quarterback with the third overall pick this year, many are debating the veteran bridge quarterback options that may seem the most likely for next season. Before Bill Belichick departed, a few names came to mind. But now that Jerod Mayo has hired Alex Van Pelt as the team's next offensive coordinator, a long list of players have connected the Patriots to new names.

The most liked amongst Patriots fans has been the idea of Baker Mayfield making his way to New England, especially after he had such a successful first season with the Buccaneers that ended in a decent playoff run.

However, the assumption is Tampa Bay will want to retain the quarterback for next season and beyond, essentially eliminating him from possibly becoming the Patriots' next quarterback.

Because of that, another name has been added to the mix, one connected to Van Pelt from their days on the Bengals in 2018 and 2019. Who might that quarterback be?

Andy Dalton.

In a recent article, NESN.com brought the idea to light, suggesting the duo's reunion as a potential benefit for both sides. Dalton would continue his tenured NFL career, giving the Patriots a solid veteran option at the position for the 2024 season while mentoring the rookie they take in the upcoming draft.

"t would make for a fun anecdote to his interesting career, and he can be a capable passer under the right circumstances. This is similar to the Mayfield option but with someone much older. If the rookie quarterback the Patriots were to draft isn’t ready right away, why not throw Dalton out there? Let’s be real, it would take a miraculous offseason for New England to become a contender right away. The former Bengals quarterback can provide some entertainment following a season where none was found."

There are definitely some good things a seasoned veteran like Dalton could bring to a team like the Patriots, but it is also an unexciting pick as he has bounced around from team to team since initially leaving the Bengals. He hasn't taken the field much in the last couple of years, either.

But maybe he could be a good enough bridge that we could get on board with it?

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