Unexciting free agent addition proving to be sneaky good signing by Patriots

New England Patriots OTA Offseason Workout
New England Patriots OTA Offseason Workout / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

There were high expectations from the Patriots' new regime to deliver on adding a game-changing receiver to the offense this offseason, whether via signing a free agent or making a blockbuster trade.

Unfortunately, that desire remains amongst most New England fans, as Jerod Mayo and Eliot Wolf have yet to follow through with that early offseason promise, but things might be a little better from who they did sign than initially anticipated.

There wasn't a lot of excitement when it was reported that former Vikings receiver K.J. Osborn was signing a one-year contract with the team, mainly because the dream scenario was to somehow land Justin Jefferson instead. Since that always seemed out of the realistic realm of possibilities, Osborn's arrival went under the radar and was labeled as a pointless signing.

While he might not be his former Minnesota teammate, Osborn is a solid player who has performed well behind Jefferson for the last four years.

Luckily for the Patriots, he's already stealing the show at OTAs with standout plays of outstanding balance and impressive hands, proving even more that he could be exactly what the offense needs.

K.J. Osborn is looking like a sneaky good signing for the Patriots so far

Among the various offensive players who have had a great showing at spring practices so far this offseason, Osborn is nearing the top of the list.

It's an exciting development for an otherwise deemed unexciting addition by Eliot Wolf, and his catches from Tuesday's OTAs might just be the beginning of what he will bring to the team this fall.

His most impressive play of the day earlier this week came from Jacoby Brissett at the back of the end zone. Osborn leaped in the air to make the grab, keeping his toes in bounds and easily securing the football.

Sure, it's nothing too flashy, and there were no defensive players lining up against him, but seeing a play like this from a newcomer is exciting nonetheless.

The Patriots offense was a total mess last season, and they need to improve a lot before the new season begins. Osborn is displaying traits that could make him a great addition to the lineup early on, and that deserves some recognition.

If he can keep this up all summer long, especially going against the defense, Osborn could easily become one of the best signings of the offseason. Hopefully, that comes to fruition not just for him but also for the offense because we all know how badly they need help to improve.

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