Patriots Rumors: Brandon Aiyuk, Tee Higgins, Justin Jefferson and Courtland Sutton

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Get up to date with all the latest rumors surrounding the New England Patriots regarding their interest in a variety of receivers via trade.

49ers are "trying to get a deal done" with Brandon Aiyuk

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the Patriots' interest in trading for Brandon Aiyuk, which only heated up more during the 2024 NFL Draft weekend. The assumption was they would at the very least inquire about his availability and maybe offer their second round pick, but at the end of Round 7, no trade had been made.

Since then, NFL insiders have revealed that Jerod Mayo and Eliot Wolf had been in contact with the 49ers, wanting to know about trading for Aiyuk and even Deebo Samuel.

However, the inquiries were allegedly not entertained, as San Francisco is now trying to get an extension done with Aiyuk and wants to keep moving forward with Samuel.

It's a disappointing development, considering both players had been dangled as potential trade bait before and during the draft process.

Now, it looks like it'll be a long shot for the Patriots to convince the 49ers to agree to a trade for either player, mainly Aiyuk.

Nothing is ever off the table entirely, though. This is professional sports; generally, everybody has a price, so never say never. And if negotiations stall with Aiyuk, they might be more willing to ship him off to a team who had already expressed interest.