Is there trouble in paradise for the Patriots' divisional rival and their star WR?

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

The strongest competition and frontrunners of the AFC East appear to be dealing with new alleged drama with star receiver Stefon Diggs in what is presumed to be a potential miscommunication.

The Patriots' biggest rival in the division was set to be back at mandatory minicamp today, but Diggs was noticeably absent from the practice. Thus, kicking off the drama-filled afternoon for the Buffalo team.

NFL insider Ian Rapoport reported head coach Sean McDermott's response when asked about Diggs' whereabouts, revealing he was concerned about his absence.

This sent reporters across the NFL to begin digging for answers, even if the Bills are not a team they cover.

But before any of them revealed more information, Rapoport followed up his original tweet with another, revealing that Diggs was at the Buffalo facility yesterday and this morning but left prior to the start of minicamp.

As details regarding the reason for the receiver's absence continued to be looked for, the speculation about his potential unhappiness with the Bills began to be the topic of conversation.

Although no tension or issues between Diggs and the team was revealed this offseason, the Bills' epic meltdown in the playoffs against the Bengals earlier this year was quite a scene to behold, especially Diggs' behavior throughout the game.

The receiver was noticeably agitated on the sideline and appeared to be laying into quarterback Josh Allen after a failed fourth-down play.

It sparked a lot of discussion about how Diggs was feeling about his time with the team, which he made even more dramatic with a series of tweets following the loss.

With this all in mind, ESPN's Field Yates broke down the receiver's contract situation, as most absences during this time of year are contract related, noting he just re-signed an extension last offseason to remain one of the league's top-paid wide receivers.

Then NFL inside Tom Pelissero joined the conversation, reiterating Field's point while also adding that if the situation were to get worse, the Bills have made it nearly impossible to move on from Diggs no matter what.

Given the circumstances, it's understandable why Sean McDermott seemed quite concerned about Diggs' absence.

As the drama continued to dominate headlines across the league, NFL insider Adam Schefter shared some information straight from the source. He tweeted information given to him by Diggs' agent, Adisa Bakari, revealing the receiver has been in Buffalo since yesterday and even met with the team over the last two days with no intention of missing minicamp practices.

Despite the agent's attempt to shed some clarity on the ongoing drama, it didn't answer the foundation of the issue; why was Diggs absent if he was in town?

Rapoport later spoke in more detail on NFL Network, revealing that Diggs's camp was confused by McDermott's press conference. But also clarified his absence is not contract related, and the impression from the receiver's side seemed to imply he will be present for minicamp this week.

Since the Bills have seemingly kept it all together over the last few seasons as they've dominated the AFC East, it's interesting to see that things aren't always what they seem.

All teams deal with drama, no matter who is on the team, but the Bills have consistently been kept clean from nearly all negativity in the media, with most of it remaining on the Patriots when focused on the division.

How will this impact the Bills' morale?

Could this last longer than just this week and create more problems for Buffalo's hopes of making it to the Super Bowl this season?

It will be interesting to watch it unfold, especially from the Patriots' perspective, as things seem to be going well in New England thus far.