The 4 most impressive Patriots through OTAs (so far)

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It's that point in the NFL offseason when not a lot is going on to discuss or even to be excited about except for what is seen during media-attended OTA practices.

It may be silly to some since it's very early in the summer, and they're just practicing lightly against each other, but it's nice to look forward to something Patriots related, right?

Of course, things are a bit different for New England this season, with so many changes to the coaching staff and several new players in place of a few longtime favorites who moved on to other teams. With Matt Patricia gone and Bill O'Brien in, there's a lot more to watch for through these practices, especially when comparing to this point last year, which was vastly different.

Although the media has only been present for two OTA practices thus far, and they are scheduled to attend this Thursday or Friday as well, there hasn't been a lot of detail regarding how players are performing outside of what the team is putting out there or the rumors.

However, despite the overall lack of substantial detail, a few players have remained at the top of standout performers over the last two weeks, a few of which should make Patriots fans excited.