Travis Kelce compliments Patriots fans for response to Taylor Swift in Week 15

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots
Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

Typically when the Chiefs and Patriots play each other, there is a bit of chippiness from the fans and the players, mainly due to their long-stemming rivalry during the Tom Brady years. It has also been expressed by some players, including Travis Kelce, who is on record saying his least favorite team to play is New England, primarily because of their fans.

So when this game was on the schedule, despite the Chiefs' recent struggles to win games and the Patriots disappointing season, it felt like a big time matchup like we've seen in the past. It was the first time the two teams had played each other in three years, and a lot has changed since then. But not necessarily the feelings about the opposing team.

However, that seems to have changed a smidge for Kelce, as his pop sensation girlfriend Taylor Swift was in attendance for the game. She has been a constant for nearly all Kansas City games this year, and given her fondness of Gillette Stadium in particular, you knew it wouldn't be a game she'd miss.

Swift was shown a few times throughout the game, with the most notable moment being her reaction to Kelce failing to make a touchdown on third down. But the first time she was shown on the big screen garnered a loud response from the fans in attendance, something Kelce hadn't experienced in other games this season.

He spoke about how cool he felt it was to hear almost an entire stadium cheer for Swift despite her being there in support of the other team.

"They showed Taylor at the game and you don’t see an entire home team fanbase go insane for somebody wearing the opposite team’s colors. Just shows you how amazing that girl is.

They went absolutely insane when they showed Taylor on the screen. There might have been a few Brads and Chads that were booing, but for the most part everybody was f------ screaming their tail off for her. I was trying to keep it cool. I was like, ‘Don’t show your cards, don’t show your cards.’ It was fun."

Although it may be unfamiliar territory for the tight end, as Swift is by far the most famous woman he has dated, it's the general reaction she receives when she does almost anything. Throughout her career, her fans have remained more loyal than you can imagine, and they've proven that this year by diving headfirst into NFL fandom to support Kelce and his team.

It's also an interesting swap of emotions from Kelce since he's repeatedly declared the Patriots fans as some of the worst in the league. But because of their vocal support of Swift, he may be seeing them in a different light now.

"Shoutout to the Patriots and New England. Taylor’s on record saying that stadium is one of the funnest she’s played at, so for them to show her is, I guess, showing her some love, so shoutout to the Patriots for doing that."

It's funny how something as simple as showing support for a talented woman like Swift can be the reason an opinion about an entire region of fans can dramatically change.

But hey, it's good to hear he finally sees there are good Patriots fans out there!

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