Tom Brady set to return to Patriots in different way than imagined

Brady is coming back one way or another.
Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

If you have lived in a cave for the last couple of decades and recently emerged and chosen the New England Patriots as your favorite NFL team (after learning what "football" is) then good for you, you've made a smart choice.

After hearing about the Patriots, you likely next heard about a coach named Bill Belichick or a quarterback named Tom Brady. You may have also heard about an owner named Robert Kraft, but that is not as important.

The simple fact is that the team has not been nearly as good since Tom Brady left in 2020. New England has made one forgettable playoff appearance since 2020, while Brady won a Super Bowl with his new team (which shall not be named here due to the pain involved). What might have happened had Bill Belichick left and not Tom Brady? (Robert Kraft likely wonders that as well.)

Brady retired from football after the 2022 season (for now, anyway) and will not return to play for the Patriots. If that is breaking news to you, then I am sorry. New England needs to start over anyway. Would Brady make the team slightly better? Most likely, yes. But the team would not be a Super Bowl contender.

Tom Brady will be inducted into the New England Patriots Hall of Fame on June 12th

The good thing for you, dear Patriots fan, is that even if Brady does not wear a Patriots jersey during a game again, you can still see him in on June 12, 2024, inside Gillette Stadium. That is the day Brady will be inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame. The date was chosen because...well, you know why the 12th of any month would have been selected. That was and always should be Brady's number.

That is what happens when you win six Super Bowls with one team. The calendar literally bends to the will of whatever jersey number you wore. That should be a motivating factor for any of you that equals being seen as a sixth-round pick in your chosen profession.

You can also win tickets to see Brady's induction ceremony into the immortal halls of Patriots-dom. You just need to complete this form here and then wish and hope.

Or you could just show up and purchase tickets for the event on June 12th between 7 and 9:30 p.m. Getting tickets, though, might be like a quarterback hoping to be chosen in the sixth round of the NFL draft.

In other words, you could be an all-time great.

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