This Patriots mock draft may be the most ideal scenario for 2024

Ohio State v Rutgers
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Because of all the positions the Patriots need to upgrade through the draft in 2024, it's not easy to put together the perfect class that seems to check off every box. With a projected top-3 pick in April, they'll have their choice of almost every player available, which comes at a significant time in the franchise's history.

How the draft will unfold for the generally unpredictable Patriots team is even more up in the air with the uncertainty of Bill Belichick's future. Since he is still the general manager and final decision-maker on all roster matters, most have assumed the draft won't be what needs to be done because he hasn't put together outstanding draft classes in several years now.

It's why many hope to see Belichick let go from his position as the GM, if not fired altogether. There is a critical need to make better decisions in this draft, one that will impact the team for years to come, and the belief is Belichick is not capable of doing that at this point in his career.

That makes it more complicated to create an ideal mock draft, but one done by Cam Garrity of Patriots Wire has to be one of the most perfectly crafted mock drafts thus far. Not only do the Patriots get their next franchise quarterback, but they also get the game-changing wide receiver they've been in dire need of.

Maybe it's all just a fantasy and a mock draft that will live in infamy online until the end of time. Or perhaps it could be realistic with a different general manager. Either way, it's a fun one to look at and would be a fantastic way for the Patriots to officially kick off the 2024 season.

Round 1 - Pick 2: Marvin Harrison Jr., WR - Ohio State

Patriots trade with the Rams

Patriots receive:

  • 2024 first-round pick (14)

Rams receive:

  • 2024 second-round pick (35)
  • 2024 fourth-round pick (103)
  • 2024 fifth-round pick (137)
  • 2025 second-round pick
  • 2025 sixth-round pick
  • 2026 fifth-round pick

Round 1 - Pick 14: Jayden Daniels, QB - LSU

Patriots trade with the Falcons

Patriots receive:

  • 2024 third-round pick (77)
  • 2024 fourth-round pick (125)

Falcons receive:

  • 2024 third-round pick (66)
  • 2024 seventh-round pick (228)

Patriots trade with the Ravens

Patriots receive:

  • 2024 third-round pick (95)
  • 2024 fourth-round pick (132)

Ravens receive:

  • 2024 third-round pick (66)

Round 3 - Pick 95: Bucky Irving, HB - Oregon

Round 4 - Pick 125: Blake Fisher, OT - Notre Dame

Round 4 - Pick 132: Cade Stover, TE - Ohio State

Round 6 - Pick 180: Jack Nelson, OT - Wisconsin

One of the best parts about this mock draft is the emphasis on improving the offense. Every position is on that side of the team, which was severely neglected in 2023. In fact, Belichick didn't address the offense until drafting a tackle in the fourth round and then not again until the sixth round when he double-dipped at receiver.

It's clear the defense doesn't need much help going into next year. It could be easily upgraded through free agency, especially since the Patriots are projected to have a boatload of money to spend.

Selecting offensive players projected to be productive reasonably quickly can be one of the biggest reasons they have a massive turnaround next year and hopefully look like a well-put-together team again.

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