The Patriots hilariously troll the Falcons (again) with their first post on Threads

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons
Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons / Tom Pennington/GettyImages

Among some of the hottest summer trends comes the new Twitter alternative recently launched by Instagram called Threads.

Over the last few days, you've probably encountered several posts by friends and strangers sharing the joined the new social media app, sharing their first post and asking for follows.

Among those new users have been many celebrities, including professional sports teams, and the Patriots are one of the latest to join the new platform.

Now, starting fresh on a new app is always fun for everyone, with most putting a lot of thought into what their first post will be. Although most posts won't grab much attention, the social team working for the Patriots decided that would not be the route they would take, going into full petty mode with their first-ever Thread.

Can you guess what it was?

Was there any other choice than this?

It may be nearly six and a half years later, but it's the joke that will never die.

28-3 will live forever in the minds of Patriots fans lucky enough to witness the most iconic comeback in all sports history. Unfortunately, the same can be said for those on the other side, Falcons fans, who will likely never be able to hear those numbers in the usual way again.

Although the Patriots have been victorious in their pursuit of another Lombardi since they beat the Falcons, not many games go the way Super Bowl LI did. It will always be one of the top championship games in the NFL of the modern era, if not ever, mainly due to how it all came about.

So why not continue to boast about the victory that brought ring number five to New England during the most iconic sports dynasty ever in American sports?

Seems perfectly fine for any team to do in this situation, right?