The 3 most impressive defensive rookies through Patriots' OTAs and minicamp

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Keion White - EDGE

Despite his "unexcited response" to being drafted by the Patriots, Keion White has also turned heads during OTAs.

With the hope to maintain a dominant defense in mind, selecting White early in the draft indicated the importance of better rushing the passer, a weaker point of the Patriots team even with the rise of Matthew Judon and Josh Uche.

The rookie will be an immediate asset during a challenging season and has already demonstrated just how valuable he will be on the field.

Other than his impressive stature creating headlines, his versatility and strength are what stood out the most. Mike D'Abate of Sports Illustrated noted this, calling White a "jack of all trades" on the field and detailed what the Patriots had him doing during the practice session last month.

"The 6-4, 287-pounder aligned at outside linebacker, set in a three-point stance, rushed the passer, played the run, and even dropped into coverage as well."

With training camp set to begin late next month, there's still much to be seen from the young defensive player. However, what has been seen so far has been excellent, and he, too, could easily be a starter right away.