Super Bowl Champion receiver suggested as possible trade target for the Patriots

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One thing the Patriots' new regime has made clear is their emphasis on improving the roster overall, but especially the offense. Jerod Mayo and Eliot Wolf have expressed on various occasions their desire to add the weapons the team has been missing, which ultimately led to them double-dipping at both quarterback and receiver in this year's draft.

Experts have applauded the players they chose, specifically Javon Baker and Ja'Lynn Polk. However, many still believe the team is still lacking a true WR1, which has been a consistent problem over the last few years.

Because they selected Drake Maye in the first round, the Patriots were immediately ruled out from getting one of the top 5 receivers of the 2024 class.

Despite being considered a deep, talented group of players, not getting one of the projected game-changing, instant WR1s leaves them needing to decide whether they'll address the roster hole before the season begins, and at this point, the only way to do that is via trade.

There had been rumblings about Mayo and Wolf looking to trade for a receiver during the draft, specifically Brandon Aiyuk, Tee Higgins, or Deebo Samuel. However, no trade was made and the options appear to be dwindling.

Even though that may be true, NBC Sports Boston's Phil Perry introduced a new name into the mix earlier this week, suggesting a different Super Bowl Champion receiver as a sensical trade target for the Patriots to pursue.

Chris Godwin could be a viable trade option for the receiver-needy Patriots

During an appearance on "Arbella Early Edition" on Wednesday, the Patriots reporter brought up Chris Godwin as a player to keep in mind regarding a possible trade.

He mentioned the Bucs' current cap space situation, as they remain over the allotted amount for the 2024 season, and they just picked Polk's teammate Jalen McMillan in the third round of the draft, allowing them to more easily move on from Godwin if need be.

Perry feels it would be wise for Tampa to consider since the rookie and veteran play similarly. Trading Godwin after June 1st would save them over $7 million in cap space. Because they just paid big money to retain Mike Evans and Baker Mayfield, trading Godwin now, who has one year left on his contract, makes sense.

"So, if the team -- if ownership, specifically -- is looking at this and saying, 'We just gave a lot of real guaranteed money to Mike Evans, real guaranteed money to Baker Mayfield, we can't keep everybody. We're about to lose this guy (Godwin) for maybe nothing. We've got to get something in return right now,' that's a deal that I would be interested in. Because even if he's not a true No. 1, he'd be your No. 1 if you're the New England Patriots."

Godwin would immediately boost an improving offense just by joining the lineup. He's a proven veteran with three consecutive 1,000-yard seasons despite playing (often) behind Mike Evans.

He has repeatedly demonstrated his dependability and shown he can work with just about any quarterback, as the Bucs have had four different signal callers over the last seven years. Godwin would be a solid player for Drake Maye to work with, which Perry believes needs to be the biggest reason for the Patriots to consider making a trade for him or another receiver of his caliber.

"I just look at this and I say to myself, how are you going to get the receiver talent you need to help Drake Maye become the best version of himself over the course of the next couple of years?" Perry added. "Because we just saw in free agency with Calvin Ridley -- I think until this team proves that it is legit and until the quarterback proves that he is legit, it's going to be really hard for them to convince a top-tier receiver to come here and sign as a free agent."

With around $50 million remaining in cap space for this season, which is plenty to sign their rookie class and bring in more free agents, trading for Godwin wouldn't be a problem. Even if they don't consider him a long-term solution, he would be a good addition to the roster this year, no matter who's under center.

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