Stealing one player from each AFC East foe to boost the Patriots' roster for 2023

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins / Eric Espada/GettyImages
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Imagine the perfect world where the Patriots could steal players away from their biggest rivals in the AFC East without any issue.

Wouldn't that be great?

Unfortunately, we don't live in a time where that is possible except when discussing an alternate reality where it is!

The AFC East has always had a lot of talent on every team, even if those teams weren't always the most competitive. And as the division has grown and improved over the last handful of years, so have the players each team has added to their roster.

Because of that, there are limitless options when contemplating the best players to steal from each team, especially given the needs of the Patriots team heading into the 2023 season.

Let's address both sides of the football and choose those who would make an immediate impact upon arrival and, with two of the choices, insert more youth and speed onto the team.